Incoming…. Friday is almost here!

I’m so exciiiiiiited, and I just can’t hiiiiiiiiiiiide it!

Yep, not long to go until our Farewell to Jonas party takes place.

Meeting at the Queen Vic at 09:30 Friday morning for Bloody Marys and will go down hill from there.

A good bunch coming so far – and a few have dropped through the cracks.

yuk, who eats Onion Rings at breakfast?
yuk, who eats Onion Rings at breakfast?

We do intend on going to Hooters and throw our void Hooters discount cards at them.

Anyone ever been to Strikers? That place is keeping a low profile… maybe we need to check it out?

What’s the betting if we went in, that some girl would yell… ‘Jooonas’?!

6 thoughts on “Incoming…. Friday is almost here!”

  1. Let’s start with a Bloody Mary and a Club Sandwich!

    Soi 4 is a bit of a construction zone at the moment. Strikers is caught up in the Rajah hotel redevelopment project (and is closed. Hillary 1 closed last Friday and will re-open is a few months 1 believe)

    I suggest:
    Morning Night
    Stumble Inn
    Bar 4
    Jersey Bar

    then head to Soi 8 and slowly make our way to Too Easy and Top Secret. We’ll probably need some dinner after that so we have something to spew up later in the night.

    1. Chequers? Really?

      I like the food, but little else. Not much atmosphere in there. Still.. we’ll give it a go.

      Last chance to impress me – at the Stumble Inn though.

      1. it’s small, so it depends on how big the crew is I guess. Bars are dropping like flies on soi nana – I guess that tells you how much they are making now.

    1. Sorry, not had a moment to myself for the past week…. I’ll give an update today – as I stuff my face with a croissant and a coffee in a coffee shop in Barcelona….

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