Little update….

It’s been a hectic week since leaving work last week and heading to Bangkok for the leaving bash.

I’ll write up the leaving day… some interesting things came out of that. Was a good day.

The following day I flew off to the UK, then headed to Barcelona and I am now sitting halfway up a mountain in the south of France.

Off to Barcelona again tomorrow then off to Malaga the day after and then back to the UK before hitting Thailand once again – for a whole 18 hours and then head back off to work.

No rest for stupid as they say…..

I’ll get back to it soon.

5 thoughts on “Little update….”

  1. Some nice French person left me with a scrape down the side of my (hire) car in a carpark yesterday. Good news is, I have full insurance and he now has a scrape on his Mercedes.

    1. I heard the French don’t brew one single type of beer in their whole country! Not one! They import Stella from next door and that’s it! How can you visit a country that has no beer?

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