One Rat gone… another returns….

With Jonas now having left the sinking ship we know and (used to) love- Thailand… another is returning.  O.k… only for a week or so.. but it’s still good to see the dirty old Rat.

This dirty old Rat is Gamblin Man. He left Thailand a few years back to go and do some Gamblin stuff.  He now resides in Manila but is back for a visit.

So what’s on the cards?   Well, I shall be arriving as per usual, fresh faced into BKK airport at 7am on Friday 4th November.   When better to start than then??

The usual script…..

Head to the Queen Vic for breakfast.  Why not?   GM and Lomeo will of course be there – along with Kiwi Mike (maybe). Hopefully I shall not be too far off 9am and they will not have had too many bloody Mary’s..

From there…. well…  who knows?   Not sure of the planned route yet – and hopefully things will be back to normal?   But fear things will be a little subdued than normal.

So where to go?   Some of the bars we want to hit are….(in no particular order)

Morning Night – just for a quick drink to pay homage to Jonas – and send him photos.

Moderation,  Too Easy,  Fox & Hound,  Bar 4, Big Dogs,  Queens Park Plaza – then head over to Pat Pong. Not been there for a long time?

Returning to Hooters on 4 at some point – to get a snack with the WAG’s.  Then into the night again.

Thing is, the only attraction these days  – is to see the Rats again.  (not gay). The bars are losing their appeal and the reason we jump from bar to bar is to keep up entertained.

If we find a good spot somewhere – there is every chance we’ll just end up staying there.

So if you see us out during the day….   do say hello and join us for a beer…















10 thoughts on “One Rat gone… another returns….”

          1. Iraq… much sunnier!

            Not long to go now… Gamblin Man is now in Bangkok.. Lomeo is polishing his Buddha necklaces Kiwi Mike is ironing his favorite black t-shirt.

            Getting excited boys…..

          2. Not long to go…. Friday is just around the corner.

            I am hearing good things – as in the bars are getting back to normal.

            No live music – but then – I am not a fan of live bands anyway… so bring it on!

  1. Yes mate…RC reports hings are getting back to normal within reason.
    Bars ok…agree, no live music but I don,t give a shit about that….

    G. Iraq sounds good at that time of the year…I,m sure you have a camel with a 12 cylinder engine in its hump or is it a dromedar???

    Would not mind catching up with Lomeo and his Juliet….or anyone else who is in Bkk in December.

    And by the way Lomeo…no more sexy dance from RC this time….(Hopefully)

    Rock on……Frank and RC

    1. well…. what a great night out we had!

      Write up coming soon. Right now, I need to recover. Shouldn’t take too long…

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