No Means NO!

Now back in Hua Hin and settling in nicely.  Stress levels are low.  Well,  the were…..

Might sound like 1st world problems…  but I am not in a 1st world.  So it bugs me.

How many times to I have to tell a Taxi driver ‘no’ before accepts it?

The other day, walking along the street a Taxi driver sat on the side of the road next to his piece of shit taxi.

Taxi Driver:  TAXI!
Me: No Thank-you
Taxi Driver: Good Price.
Me: No thanks.
Taxi Driver: Where you go?
Me: Nowhere with you
Taxi Driver: You want taxi, go Pattaya?
Me: Get lost.
– by that time I have passed him, but only to meet another with the same sales pitch 20 meters up the road.

Next up is the people who work in the new Shopping Mall in Hua Hin. It’s just totally over the top service.

Today I spent most of the time in shops trying to lose the sales assistant like Jason Bourne trying to lose a tail. Everything I looked at, some little oik was there to tell me what I was looking at. Like I didn’t know?

As a Westerner, I am used to having my own personal space in a shop when browsing. If I need some help, I’ll call over a nearby assistant who will be aware of me. Simple.

And the last thing to piss me right off today – is these FUCKING IDIOTS that ride their motorcycles with no lights. How much does a bulb cost? I must have pulled out of a junction today more than 3 times thinking the road was clear, only to find some asshole appear out of nowhere on a bike with no lights. Of course, wearing black.

Why is it the cops are not stopping these on the side of the road instead of following people around who are smoking – waiting for them to stub it out on the sidewalk? Stupid question I know.

Why has no one in the Force said to the cops on the street that if they stop bikes with no lights on, they won’t just be stopping a potential (idiot) rider getting in an accident – but also some innocent bystander.

The more time I spend here, the more frustrated I get with idiots.

Carry on..

23 thoughts on “No Means NO!”

  1. Shopping – I avoid it like the plague here, saving me a fortune. The only shop I don’t get hassled in is Asia Books, thankfully. Half the books have plastic wrap on them – sums up the Thai attitude – nothing for free.

    When I first arrived I tried to interact with the street touts, now they all get ignored. New suit, taxi, tuk-tuk, massage, ping pong show, dick drugs??

    Wears you down

    1. And another thing…… what is it with these fools that ride their bikes going the WRONG way – but stay close to the side of the road – thinking that’s o.k? What the fuck is wrong with these people?

      Today – as I stopped at traffic lights – I watched many people on bikes, wait for a gap and then just rode through the red lights. Again, what goes through these idiots minds?

      1. Reminds me of the time I was in a cab coming back from Patts and the driver drove the wrong way down a side road to access the gas station. Did I mention there were oncoming lorries (555)?

        That’s why when we find a good driver we stick with them, even if it costs more.

  2. Hoped there would be some nice story from the night out with the ratz..

    But hell I can just agree…I came to a point when I got pissed of almost everything in Thailand.
    Do miss the party but other than that..not much..

  3. Try ‘miauw kap’ next time in the same situation as with that taxi driver. They respect and/or fear it when you speak Thai. Same thing when you are bargaining. But i think you know that all already, just a reminder. Have a good time.

    1. justHarry… yeah, more often than not I do tell them in Thai. But many times they then think I am their Thai Brother from a Farang Mother and want to then take me to some secret Massage parlor where all the girls are beautiful!

      Maybe I should try Sign language?

    2. You would be saying that 100 times a day. They are not talking to you personally, just competing with their brethren for your business.

      Like newbies who think they owe a bar girl / gogo dancer an apology when they don’t follow through on one of their promises. She has long forgotten the shit you told her the other night and is working on the next punter (Are you listening @GamblinMan!!)

      1. Since when did checking in / going through immigration become such a strenuous event? I ask this because each time I go through immigration or check-in, a bunch if Chinese people start bending and stretching in the queue. What’s the deal there then?

        1. It always has been for ferals like us. I could count the number of priority check in / fast pass immigration experiences on one hand. Last time I flew into Don Mueng it took nearly 1 hour to clear immigration.

  4. For real, some of you guys…If you whinge about everything and you either live there or you are a regular visitor…fucking deal with it. There are far worst places…maybe your own countries

    1. Frank… not sure its a simple thing as ‘deal with it’. For example, I refuse to get in a Minivan as the drivers are useless twats who can’t drive for shit. How many people die each WEEK in a minivan?

      Other things like prices and girls having small boobs… I agree… they’re hardly worth a whinge.

      But we whinge none the less… because we can!

      I am now in Dubai. Yesterday I saw a 5 car pile-up infront of me on the main road here. Pretty horrible to watch – when you know it could have been avoided if the twat in a big white SUV wasn’t driving 2″ behind the car he crashed into.

      The more time I spend away from the UK… the more I realize I am destined to return.

      – off to the UK tomorrow!

    2. You go through periods of maintaining your ‘jai yen’ and losing it. I’ve come to see that as natural now.

      Some things just get to you and I’ve found it’s invariably because there’s no logic behind the decisions/reasons

      Case in point – the inability to buy alcohol at most stores between 2 and 5 pm. Why? They sell it from 11 am until 2 pm. If you want to get pissed you can buy as much as you want during this time. What does the 3 hour ‘break’ achieve? It’s bloody annoying when you have to structure your shopping around a certain time just to buy a bottle of wine.

      Don’t forget G’s a pom – he needs a whinge now and then as it’s part of his DNA 😉

      1. Getting ready to leave the uk and head to Dubai tonight.

        It’s been cold, dark and wet here. Loved it!! You can get sick of the sun you know.

      2. Lomeo,

        That time thing for purchasing alcohol is one of my gripes as well, as I seem to have trouble planning my alcohol buying trips these days. I love it when I am about 10 minutes early to buy some soothing ale at the 7-11 in Sukhumvit Soi 8, so I go across the road to the Kiwi Pub and have a pint of Kilkenny, sitting out the front next to the road, waiting for 5 pm to come so I can buy some take away. That does not seem to make a lot of sense to me.

        1. That’s a nice little spot out the front of the kiwi bar. Try Det-8 down the road also.

          It’s the bane of alcoholic expats ; luckily I have a ‘mom and pop’ store near my condo, and I’ve started using them regularly to reward them for not abiding by this ridiculous rule.

          In more populous areas try Family Mart – they will often sell during the afternoon.

          1. I do like sitting at the front of the Kiwi Pub in Soi 8, as you see the world go by in a more civilized manner then when you are sitting at Big Dogs in Soi 4 Nana. Of course you don’t have as big an “assortment of characters” as in Nana but there is still enough and plenty of eye candy to keep this old guy dreaming. I definitely do not miss the Lady Boys from Nana who all seem to want to clean their teeth with my appendage. How do they know it is old and knobbley and rough and maybe good for this purpose?

            I can sit and drink and dream in peace here.

            Where is Det – 8 in Soi 8? I do not remember seeing this one. I sometimes go to We 4 U bar. What a wonderful weird name for a bar. Does anybody know the derivation of this one?

          2. Don’t try and work bar names out – it will do your head in !

            Det-8 is further down the soi on the same side as the kiwi bar – about another 150 meters. It has a nice garden / courtyard area out the front. Mention Jonas’ name and you might get a free drink!

  5. I live in Sukhumvit Soi 11, so get pushy taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers in my face everyday. Nowadays, I simply ignore them. I don’t even acknowledge that they’ve spoken to me. If I want a taxi or a tuk tuk then I will flag one down.

    1. It’s Soi 11 where I encounter most of them. They’re not aggressive and I can’t say that it’s harming me. It’s just, do these guys think that if they keep asking, you’ll stop and say ‘go on then, take me somewhere’?!

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