Not a Happy Home

I thought I had finally found peace in my world.  Nice house with pool, quiet area, away from people.  Great. That’s all I want.  Sit by the pool in the morning sun reading the paper and drinking a cup of tea with a slice of toast.  Utopia.

Or so I thought.   Everything was great until my ears were assaulted by the barking of a neighbors dog.

Why do people have dogs if they’re going to neglect them?  They just leave them outside all day.  Why is the dog barking in the 1st place?  Why doesn’t the owner attend the dog?  What is it with these fucking Thai people that have a dog but just leave it all day?

Pisses me right off.

My first thought is to go next door, find the Farang owner and knock 7 bells of shit out of him.  He’s a skinny little weed and I have no reservations about giving him a slap. However, as Miss Tim pointed out – she has to be here the majority of the time when I am not.  Could be awkward.

In addition to the noisy dog, in one of our bedrooms – it seems the termites are having a right feast on the wardrobe.  We informed the landlord who sent people round who claimed the collapsing wardrobe is due to water leaking through the roof.


We had to point out the various eating areas where the termites were especially fat and they accepted it.   The whole fitted wardrobes need replacing.

This has been going on a few months.   Our Real Estate Agent isn’t exactly pushing this.

So – it looks like it is time to move on (again).   This is the reason I won’t buy a place in Thailand.  I have not yet found a house I have wanted to stay in for more than 1 year.

Be it noisy neighbors, barking dogs, crap build quality, regular power cuts….

Miss Tim will tolerate all this – but I won’t.  If I am paying 50k per month for a house, then I want to be comfy and happy.

The search now begins.

Wanted – House in the middle of a field.  All dogs are shot on sight.











3 thoughts on “Not a Happy Home”

  1. Middle of a you like snakes ?
    Rent a condo on the topfloor with private pool, might be a good idea.
    Not sure what a place like that would cost though or if it even excist in Hua Hin.
    But I bet Miss Tim will find a nice and quiet place.

  2. Had to laugh when when I saw something this week. Some people we met down in HH were having huge problems with a party house next to them. Couldn’t do anything about it – they have since turned their place into a party house.

    The old, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”

    1. People are such inconsiderate assholes here – they really are.

      I do like the thought of those Condos which have pools. I’ve seen them in Bangkok – not seen any here though.

      Problem is the cats though. At some point they’d probably jump over their balcony and end up like a 65 year old Pattaya guy who found out his 19 year old girlfriend was fucking around.

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