Back to Hua Hin and still hating everyone…

After a short trip to Dubai and the UK… I landed back in Thailand for whopping 10 days.

What to do? Well, apart from the usual cycling, swimming and shopping…. We’ve been hitting the town each night for a few drinks and a bite to eat.

Currently HH is very busy. Busier than I have ever seen it in recent years. Busy indeed. Life after the Kings passing seems to have now gotten back to normal.

We have a number of bars which we’ll visit on our nightly stroll around HH but last week decided to pay a visit to SOS Bar – which is part of the Beer House / Hilton. And what a good little bar it is!

There is a little Filipino singer there every night – who has such a lovely, lovely voice (Bane?) – but she is not the prettiest of girls to look at. Covered in Tatts and cheap jewelry. Definitely a face for radio.

Miss Tim and I find ourselves burning up the hours by having a drink at the bar, listening the voice of an Angel – while watching the people walk past in the street. I am sure one day someone is going to catch us making fun of them and give us an earful.

We have also paid a visit to the newly opened restaurant called Salsa – which is an Italian/Steak House – which is where Coco Beach used to be. Coco Beach was owned by E.T – the guy who used to own/manage Bullys in Bangkok. – so that’s 2 bars that he has failed at now.

And this is where I get onto dodgy ground. I come across people that I know who are dicks, people I don’t know, who are dicks and people I’ve never met – but have to suffer the consequences of them being dicks.

When out driving I am constantly shaking my head and shouting at people. In shops, I am telling people (shop assistants) to stop following me and in airports I am telling people to stop making pig-like noises when eating near me. I am just a troubled person.

I often take to the keyboard to vent my frustrations as you well know. This is becoming all too frequent – and I am turning into a moaning old bastard. So it’s now got me looking at ditching this blog – as I struggle to write anything nice these days. And when I to go into a rant about idiots here, I have to go back over it 2 or 3 times and remove all the offensive parts. We live in a world where you can no longer say what you want – without getting in trouble.

So please don’t be surprised if one day this blog mysteriously vanishes. It’ll just be because I have finally snapped and my posts would land me in trouble (or jail)

Carry on…

14 thoughts on “Back to Hua Hin and still hating everyone…”

  1. It’s been on the cards I guess ..

    It’s frustrating not being able to speak ones mind, that’s for sure. The Thai defamation lays have gone way too far.

  2. I for one will be sorry to see the blog go if you do decide to bail. Can’t say I blame you though as I don’t think you get enough help from your readers. It’s 3 years since I was in Thailand and my shitey tales dried up long ago. I know the people who reside out there feel that they have nothing left to say, as its all been said before,however a wee review of a pub or restaurant would go amiss. Anyway Graham keep up with the rants as I’m sure it’s good for your stress levels to get it all out there.

  3. Not sure its all been told yet Lomeo – but as you maybe a sign of the times. I’ve noticed that even Stickman’s Readers Submissions are way down. Video blogging on Youtube seems to be the new medium – which I enjoy anyways although I don’t think I would take to kindly to someone just sticking a camera in my face when I’m out and about.

    1. The figures I am seeing of visitors has remained consistent… growing (slightly) each month.

      Down on comments – but if less people are visiting Thailand then there isn’t much to comment on.

      I have to hold my hands up to… admitting that apart from my anger-rants, the only time there is anything worthwhile writing about is our little get-together and my visits to bars and restaurants. – all of which is a bit ‘Trip Advisory’ these days!

      Not that there is anything wrong with that… just a sign of the times – as has been said.

      Plus – not living in the thick of things anymore – and not in and out the bars so much – there is little to write about.

      I am not interested in all that Twatter, Instagram and Facebook crap.

      I am certainly not going to put any work into it. After all, it’s just a hobby (vanity) blog to use as a vehicle to relieve my frustrations!

      Its also a bit time consuming – on the admin site.

      I’ll let it run to the end of the year and then stick it in the archive. Maybe revisit it another time when I am not so busy.

      1. Plenty of punters around. You said that HH was the busiest you had seen it and a good crowd in Soi4 last night. Like I said to @GM, there are half the bars there now, which is good for the ones remaining.

        Strikers Sports bar has re-opened above Nana Hotel for those interested.

        Could be a good high season for bar owners, they certainly are ‘due’.

  4. I live vicariously though your grumpy old man postings – I’d miss it if it was gone.
    Now you damn kids, get off my lawn!

  5. I must agree, that I would also miss your grumpy old man blogs. I am also a moaning old bastard who (much to my wife’s chagrin) loves to yell at other drivers here in Bangkok, (well they are reputed to be drivers?) I hope you will have a rethink about putting it on hold? I think you might find that your writings are a cathartic experience for you, just as my yelling and moaning in the car are to me.

    My current main grumpiness is about the so called “Cleanliness officers” on Sukhumvit who are lying in wait to try to catch smokers who throw their butts onto the pristine footpaths or gutters and try to get the poor unsuspecting tourist to pay a fine. (I have been told they start at Bt 2000). They have set up a tent (on the footpath of course) up near Soi 13. I recently saw 9 of them sitting there around 5.30 pm on a warm evening and 7 of them were on their phones. The other two were chatting to each other.

    My wife held me back two days ago and has threatened me if I ever again try to stop them. I watched while they caught an Arab guy with his wife in full Ninja gear and were trying to explain why he should pay money. With both sets of people trying to communicate in some sort of broken English, it was obviously getting heated. I wanted to tell him to tell them to bugger off, but I was forbidden to do this and was dragged away. I was secretly hoping the wife would come out with some real Ninja fighting moves and sort the bastards out but I did not see this.

    As one who has been reading your stuff for a long time, but unfortunately never contributed and now feel slightly guilty at this, I do hope you keep it going for at least another year.

  6. I must be the opposite. The older I get the more mellow I become. I just can’t be bothered to be bothered anymore. Certainly when I was younger I wanted to put the World to right but now it’s “Fuck The World”. I think that was a quote in a Vietnam war movie.

    1. o.k.. working on a few tweaks to get myself a little more enthusiasm.

      – Danny… Whaaaaaat?! Agreeing with ‘the system’ in such a way that you don’t bitch and moan kinda tells me you are accepting the way things are.

      You / I / We, may not be in a position to do anything about any of the failings we are faced with each day – but we don’t have to sit back and ignore it. At least get it off your chest that ‘certain’ people are fucking idiots. That’s what separates them from us!

      Idiots stick together. People who aren’t, poke fun and shout names at idiots.

      Or something like that?

  7. Graham if you are asking for me to try and change Thailand then it’s a no from me. I don’t want it to change and can’t understand everyone wanting things done to the same standard as their own country. As far as I’m concerned that is the attraction of Thailand. It’s a bit “edgy” and off the wall. Do I get upset about things then yes but only for about 2 minutes and then move on. Live and let live.

    1. Am I trying to change Thailand? Hell no, I find it hard enough to change my underpants.

      But the day I don’t complain about stupidity (and not just in Thailand) – will be the day my standards have dropped as low as theirs.

      And I am way too smart for that!

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