Happy New Year 2017!

Another year almost in the bag.   What to make of it all?

Well, 2015 was a fantastic year for me – and 2016 turned out to be even better

The general feeling is from everyone that 2016 sucked arse.  What with so many famous people kicking the bucket – but then, it’s not like I knew them, so I don’t care.

I left Dubai and moved back to Thailand.  Took a hefty pay-cut,  but as my outgoings are equally reduced, I am not really any worse off – but have gained 6 months a year off.  So not bad at all me thinks?

Moved into a great new house – although, it’s now being eaten before my very eyes and although I like the house, I don’t like the neighbours, so I think 2017 will see use move elsewhere.

In 2016 we said goodbye to Jonas and GM.   They’ve gone in the Pursuit of Happiness elsewhere.

Miss Tim and I carried out quite a few trips abroad – all helping towards her eventual transition to becoming a Farang.

Not much else going on really….  I am settling into my sleepy ‘take it easy’ lifestyle quite well.

On the downside, on the 1st of January I shall no longer be able to say “last year I was in my 30’s”

But until then,  we’ll be celebrating the New Year in sleepy Hua Hin.  Kicking off with a bbq by the pool – with Lomeo showing off his grill-skills.

Here is to a fantastic 2017.

Happy New Year to each and all.


– Unless you’re a dick that is.

Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la la….

Although Christmas is something to do with some fictional figure being born – during these festive times,  there is not really much talk of religion. Not that I am complaining.

Listening to the Band Aid song on the UK radio – I can’t help but chuckle at the lyrics.   Bear in mind this song was about poverty/starvation in Africa..  (no, that’s not what I am chuckling about).. listening to the lyrics you’ll hear the line ‘Thank god it’s them instead of you’!

Just think about that for a moment.  ‘Thanking god that its them and not you’.   So does that mean god has made this all happen – to them and not you?  So you should thank him?    Is that how this works?

I like Christmas.  I am not religious – so am I being a hypocrite?   Probably. But I did see something somewhere that referred to this period as a Winter Festival.   I like the sound of that.

I like the trees, the lights, the cold, dark evenings, the food, the snow, the atmosphere round the shops…. great.  Love it.

Only this year, I am in the Middle-East –  specifically Iraq.  They’re not exactly known for celebrating Christmas here.

Having said that,  we do have some decorations in the office – and our local Iraqi work colleagues even have some decorations.    So I’d like to just take a moment (bearing in mind that it’s the season of goodwill to all men) to speak of my Iraqi friends here.  For those of you who have never been here and have only SKY News as a hub of information – I have to say all of the Iraqi’s I’ve met and work with have all been nice and friendly. A good bunch.

Don’t believe everything you see on the news.

Next week I fly home.   Can’t wait.  Lots planned.    I am hoping New Years Eve will be a good one.

A good end to a good year.

Who says we cant be festive here?
Who says we cant be festive here?



People are Strange, when you’re a…… normal person

Nothing happening of late – been back at work for a few weeks and only a few to go.

I ‘should’ be starting to feel and excited about going home soon – and I am. I can’t wait. It’s not that I am excited about getting home and relaxing by the pool, I am excited about going home and sitting by the pool where there is no one else near me.

People piss me off. I know everyone is different, but why do people have to be annoying, rude and pretty much fucking revolting?

I have come to the conclusion that I am near perfect. I have also come to the conclusion that I hate and don’t want to know anyone who does the following..

  • Eat / Chew foot with their mouth open.
  • Have the TV on so loud that the person in the next room can hear it
  • Not flush the toilet
  • Make noises like a fucking pig and then gob the contents of their nose onto the pavement or in a sink – near me
  • Walk slowly – while texting on their phone
  • Hold their phone infront of their face – even when not using FaceTime
  • Using loudspeaker when no need
  • Banging cutlery onto crockery when eating (that means the food has gone)
  • Breath through their nose when it makes a noise like a werewolf
  • Make noises when drinking
  • Stand so close to me in a queue that you’re touching me
  • Doesn’t refill the kettle when you’ve just emptied it – in the office kitchen
  • Follows me round a shop – commenting on everything I look at.
  • Drive so close behind another car that you can see their speedometer.
  • Have bad breath.
  • Get up out of your seat and walk to the front of the plane as its still hurtling down the runway at great speed
  • Be rude to air cabin crew
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to talk to each other
  •  Anyone who types ‘lol’ at anything.  Ever.
  • Walk though the x-ray machine at the airport with your phone and keys still in your pocket
  • And last of all… for today anyway, the people who’s phone rings in a cinema.

I don’t do any of that and I find the people who think this is acceptable behavior need a kick up the arse.

But apart from that, I am in a pretty good mood.

Carry on.









My dream.....
My dream…..



Back to Work…..

Been back at work for almost a week now… which means only 3 weeks to go until I am back in HH.

One of my usual gripes was at the airport – leaving Bangkok. I lost count of the people in the queue that were turned away for not having filled out their Departure card. What is wrong with these people? They filled the Arrival card in – did they not notice the Departure card stapled into their passport?

Have to say, Qatar Airways in my opinion is a better airline than Emirates now. I am lucky that my Company fly me Business Class – so I get to fly upstairs or at the pointy end of the plane.

Not a bad place to be at all. My only issue I have is that asshole who opens up a window blind which allows the sunlight into the cabin to murder the darkness.

Having said that, the flight TO work is always going to be pretty miserable. The flight FROM work is different. I am the happiest man on the plane.

So what’s in store for the end of the month? Well, Miss Tim and I are going to go on a drinking binge on NYE during the daytime and then back to the crib in the evening for a bbq. Surrounded by the only people I can tolerate. = Miss Tim and my kittens.

There was a rumor going around that the Ferry between Hua Hin and Pattaya would be operating at the beginning of January. Reports are saying the Pattaya Pier is not ready. Surprise surprise.

After a few weeks in January – we’re off to the UK.

Hmmm… the UK… that’s not far from Sweden is it?


They sleep all day.  Must be Thai
They sleep all day. Must be Thai