Back to Work…..

Been back at work for almost a week now… which means only 3 weeks to go until I am back in HH.

One of my usual gripes was at the airport – leaving Bangkok. I lost count of the people in the queue that were turned away for not having filled out their Departure card. What is wrong with these people? They filled the Arrival card in – did they not notice the Departure card stapled into their passport?

Have to say, Qatar Airways in my opinion is a better airline than Emirates now. I am lucky that my Company fly me Business Class – so I get to fly upstairs or at the pointy end of the plane.

Not a bad place to be at all. My only issue I have is that asshole who opens up a window blind which allows the sunlight into the cabin to murder the darkness.

Having said that, the flight TO work is always going to be pretty miserable. The flight FROM work is different. I am the happiest man on the plane.

So what’s in store for the end of the month? Well, Miss Tim and I are going to go on a drinking binge on NYE during the daytime and then back to the crib in the evening for a bbq. Surrounded by the only people I can tolerate. = Miss Tim and my kittens.

There was a rumor going around that the Ferry between Hua Hin and Pattaya would be operating at the beginning of January. Reports are saying the Pattaya Pier is not ready. Surprise surprise.

After a few weeks in January – we’re off to the UK.

Hmmm… the UK… that’s not far from Sweden is it?


They sleep all day.  Must be Thai
They sleep all day. Must be Thai

5 thoughts on “Back to Work…..”

  1. Yep…I,m back to BKK on saturday…same airport shit …but been there done that.
    You have kittens?
    Well I have Puppies now…brilliant!!!! my Bangkeow dog has been naughty…
    Well have a good Xmas and New Year you and Miss Tim
    Rock on…Frank and RC

  2. Yeah..Sweden is not far away at all..1,5 – 2 hours flight, or something.
    Pop over here for a weekend or I might pop over to join you in England.
    Would be fun to catch up.

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