Happy New Year 2017!

Another year almost in the bag.   What to make of it all?

Well, 2015 was a fantastic year for me – and 2016 turned out to be even better

The general feeling is from everyone that 2016 sucked arse.  What with so many famous people kicking the bucket – but then, it’s not like I knew them, so I don’t care.

I left Dubai and moved back to Thailand.  Took a hefty pay-cut,  but as my outgoings are equally reduced, I am not really any worse off – but have gained 6 months a year off.  So not bad at all me thinks?

Moved into a great new house – although, it’s now being eaten before my very eyes and although I like the house, I don’t like the neighbours, so I think 2017 will see use move elsewhere.

In 2016 we said goodbye to Jonas and GM.   They’ve gone in the Pursuit of Happiness elsewhere.

Miss Tim and I carried out quite a few trips abroad – all helping towards her eventual transition to becoming a Farang.

Not much else going on really….  I am settling into my sleepy ‘take it easy’ lifestyle quite well.

On the downside, on the 1st of January I shall no longer be able to say “last year I was in my 30’s”

But until then,  we’ll be celebrating the New Year in sleepy Hua Hin.  Kicking off with a bbq by the pool – with Lomeo showing off his grill-skills.

Here is to a fantastic 2017.

Happy New Year to each and all.


– Unless you’re a dick that is.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2017!”

  1. A bit of an up and down year just gone for me. Hopefully a bit more stable in 2017. Have a good one everybody.

  2. G – Thanks for the invite down to the pool house, was a fun little get-away. Hope the steak was up to scratch (I was disappointed with the snags I brought, won’t be buying them again.)

    Salsa – I’m a convert. Good vibe, cocktails and crazy dancing man.

    Have a great 2017 everyone.

  3. 2016 been up and down, mostly down, moved from Thailand back home to Sweden, but now after a few month here, it doesn’t feel that bad at all.
    Starting a new job in a week, my daughter loves it here in Sweden, girlfriend is applying for visa.
    I think 2017 gonna be a good one.
    Hopefully I can go to England and visit you G or you might be able to drag your sorry ass here.
    Let 2017 be a great year for all of us.

  4. Greetings from Pattaya for 2017. Glad to hear you are back in Thailand. I will be using the new ferry service from Pattaya to Hua Hin that opened just this week at some time in the future. Here in Pattaya its the busy season. There is still fun to be had here – Some great Gogo bars, excellent BJ bars, Great G clubs and some very good general bars. If I get round to it I could do a trip report. As well as travelling around Thailand, Phuket, Chang Mai, Lopburi, and Nong Kai etc I also visited Europe in 2016 notably Serbia – great fun. Well worth a visit. I left Thailand for Songkran and went to North Vietnam – really excellent.

    1. Wow… sounds like you’ve been getting around.

      We intend to take a ferry trip to Patts at some point. We’re just giving it a little time for them to iron out any issues – like having a skipper who’s only experience of sailing is cleaning someones boat – but he does have a Brother in-law who gives out jobs.

      I wonder how long before a boat crashes/sinks? I think I’ll invest in a life-jacket.

      I am not being cynical – just taking into account all other modes of public transport and their disaster records!

      1. Hi – I’m just about to do a Pattaya Trip report and Overview. Should I just post it here or submit it to you as I did with the Bangkok Trip Reports? Incidentally – regarding those 7 Bangkok trip reports – Is there a link to them on this site? If so where?
        My new Trip Reports, the first being about Pattaya will be different in tone to my Lurcher series – less raw and more in fitting with the tone of mango unchained. I also hope to cover Issan, Nong Kai, Yasothon, Sisikit, Phuket, Lop Buri, Hanoi and Serbia. I hope the Pattaya Trip report will be useful to you and Tim if you choose to visit here.

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