The weather outside’s delightful……

Now in the UK with Miss Tim. Thought I’d pop over and see friends and family as I didn’t see them at Christmas.

I do like going to the UK. Love everything about it. Well.. nearly everything…..

I notice that every airport in the world I have visited – (and I average 60 flights per year) all the people working at Immigration are from the Country I am visiting.

All accept when I come into the UK. Can’t remember the last time I was greeted by a British National?

Why is this a concern?

Well, I don’t take too kindly to being asked what the purpose of my visit to the UK is – as I hold a UK passport and I was born here and am a UK citizen. Is he? Cheeky twat.

But also, the ‘ethnic’ chap who processed us – handed back Miss Tims new passport and said he only needed (to stamp) her old passport (which has her visa in) as it has 2 weeks left until it expires.

I pushed the new passport back over the counter and said he needs to stamp the new passport – as the old one will expire in a few weeks. Again – he said he doesn’t need the new passport.

This was when I asked if a passport needs to have a minimum of 6 months validity to enter into the UK.
– the penny then dropped and said ‘oh yeah, you are right. I need to stamp the new passport’!!


That aside – when we arrived in the UK – it was snowing! For the 1st time in her life, Miss Tim saw/touched the snow. She can also check the box of having a snowball chucked at her.

Loving the cold, dark weather.

Been out on the last with the gang and suffered hangovers most days.

Time is flying by and will soon be back to work.

The only thing I am missing in Thailand is my cats.

Carry on.

3 thoughts on “The weather outside’s delightful……”

  1. I normally past through Immigration control without any problems in the UK. It is Customs that gives me grief. I go through the nothing to declare hall (because I don’t have anything to declare) and I always get stopped. I always travel light and that gets them curious. Some of the questions are downright intrusive. Whereabouts in Thailand was I, what hotels did I stay at and how long for. Then the kicker – what I did for a living and I how I fund my trip. You feel like telling them it’s none of their business as it isn’t. However these people have so much power that if you upset them they can make it pretty uncomfortable for you. Do you know they can demand access to your laptop and phone. If you don’t give them the passwords then you’ll end up in court. Fuckers.

  2. Nice..snow, cold and dark..
    I was a bit scared of my move back to sweden , but I really like it here, Before I could not think of moving back but I’m glad I did.
    Thailand always gonna be my second home but do I miss it ? No I dont,

    So far immigration in Sweden is good, if you are a Suede, no questions asked, just a welcome back.

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