Back from my travels

Just returned back from a few weeks in the UK with Miss Tim. A good time only to be tarnished by the dregs of society that are around us when we travel.

When I am flying on business, then I fly ‘in’ Business. When I am on my own dollar, I tend to fly economy and use my miles to upgrade. As I’ve recently flown a lot, I didn’t have enough miles to upgrade us. I could have paid the extra 150,000 bht to upgrade us, but that would pay for 3 months rent, so with my sensible head on I decided against it.

Bear in mind that I take more than 50 flights per year, so I know how to conduct myself at check-in, immigration, customs, the lounge and most of all – on the plane.

I can’t stand these imbeciles that go through the metal detectors more than twice, having forgotten to empty their pockets of phones, keys and coins.

I then get annoyed when wealthy old bastards in the lounge talk on their speaker phone to their ’tilac’ – talking pigeon English to a bargirl who is telling them they are staying in tonight eating noodles with their friends.

This, I now laugh at and move to the other end of the lounge so I don’t have to listen to the fool.

When at the departure gate – what I really get annoyed about is the selfish assholes who put their bag on a chair. These bags have been in the trunk of a car, sitting on the ground at a bus stop, been in the back of a wardrobe for months and yet when they get to an airport – are that important that important that they need to take up a seat that someone could be sitting on. Wankers.

I snapped this couple at the departure gate. Sprawled out on the seats which are reserved for certain passengers (elderly, people with kids etc). I’d have loved to have punched their fucking lights out.

Selfish assholes

On a plane – my experience in Business Class has always been good. It’s only when I sit at the back of the plane with what I can only call ‘scumbags’ it’s rarely been less than pleasurable.

This time – the person in front of Miss Tim reclined her seat before take off. I wanted to kick off with a torrent of abuse but Miss Tim insisted I didn’t. There was a guy with her – which meant he’d have to stick up for his botox-faced wench. Which would then lead to me hurling insults and probably an uppercut to the asshole. This would then end in tears.

When walking through the cabin to leave the plane – have you ever noticed what a mess it is? Are these people fucking animals? I pity the cabin crew. When they see the mess left behind, what kind of opinion to they form of economy travelers?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not being a snob. I travel in the economy section, but I behave like a human being. I don’t see the need to make a mess everywhere, drop food on the floor and leave empty bottles/cans under the seat. There is no need.

This time on the plane – an announcement came over the speaker telling people that smoking on board is a criminal offence and you can be prosecuted for. Which means they had detected a smoker.
– I have to ask myself why this prick thought he didn’t have to follow the rules?

When we landed, we were then told to stay in our seats while the Police boarded the plane and took someone away. This delayed us about 15 minutes. I hope the guy was given a severe beating and fine.

This was just the journey to the UK. I wasn’t going to let that spoil my vacation…..

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  1. G

    I second your sentiments. Like you I take between between 50 and 75 flights/year and it never ceases to amaze me how inconsiderate the general population is. Now truth be told I may be more sensitive to the plight of a cabin crew as I put myself through university by waiting tables. No matter how rude the customer was I knew they would be out of my section in 3 hours tops, likely much sooner. Additionally I could always hide somewhere in the restaurant or chose to wait on other patrons. These poor people have no where to go and, in some cases, have to put up with these a$$holes for 12+ hours.

    For these reason my mantra when on a flight s simple; treat the cabin crew with the respect they deserve for doing what is a thankless job.

    My two satang,

    1. Currently in the business lounge in Doha. A nice new airport.

      Just went to the bathroom (toilets) to find a group of Middle-Eastern men clearing their throats/noses and gobbing into the sink. Fucking revolting.

  2. Ahhh….the joys of world travel. That visit to the bathroom sounds like an outtake from Indiana Jones.

    The only thing worse than obnoxious people in economy class is obnoxious people in business class – you’ve just paid 4+ times the amount only to suffer the same assholes.

    Returning from hols in NY a few months back I treated myself to a business seat as was going straight to the office from the plane. In BA business you have those cradle seats facing each other but….they share the same mounting. I got to my seat which was inside a burly mediterranean looking guy who seemed to sneer as I passed. Sorry, Turbo….Kylie is on the next flight. I didnt fuss about raising the dividing screen and I noticed another sneer as he eventually did this himself.

    During the night flight, I kept getting woken up by the greaseball who was seemingly deliberately dropping himself back into his seat from a height – remember – they share a mounting.
    I prefer a slow burn, cold revenge rather than being a hot-head. In the morning, noticing he was sleepy. I was oh so forgetful and kept having to get up for stuff and accidentally drop back into my seat from a standing position. Every time I reached into my bag (must have been 15 times) I gave the dividing wall a good hard accidental kick.
    The tough nut didnt do anything but I enjoyed seeing him boiling with rage as we waited to get off the plane. He tried staring me out but I just gave him a dead eyed Travis Bickle leer until he looked away.
    Fucking waste of money…….

    1. Ha! I know that one all too well. Never did like the BA Biz Class seating – facing your opponent like that. Horrible. And what is it with those big lard-arses that just ‘drop’ into their seats?

      With Qatar – on the 380, you get your own little ‘pod’ seating, so you don’t have to see anyone – which I much prefer.

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