Salsa in HuaHin

Fantastic. What a great place to hang out which has a feel-good factor.

Miss Tim and I stumbled across this place one night when walking around the town. It is the venue which used to be Coco Beach Bar. If anyone knows Coco Beach Bar, they will know it was ‘ok’ but nothing special. We never saw it busy – but that may have been down to the over ‘E.T’. He used to run Bullys near the corner of soi 4. He was/is a twat.

They kept the fridge from Bullys… binned the rest.

Anyway, the PR guy outside Salsa beckoned us in – so we thought we’d give it a go. And glad we did.

Novel kind of layout – cocktail bar and open grill and tables/chairs located around a dance floor.

Small cocktail bar – but still a good place to hangout.

The menu is pretty good. Italian and steak. What’s not to like? Personally, I could live on the bread they give you when you first sit down.

The food was great and the service was really good. The best part though – is the Salsa (Ballroom) dancing. The Manager (Mario) gets up and dances with anyone who is up for it and will encourage those who aren’t.

The staff are all on the dance floor too – as Mario gives the punters a little lesson on basic steps. Everyone in the house had a smile on their face. A Fantastic atmosphere.

Did they have to dance at their interview?

We’ve been back a few time since. Sometimes just for cocktails. With the average age of a HH resident being 90 – the oldies do like to have a bit of a dance. They put us 40yr olds to shame. Most oldies know how to dance (properly) and get up on the dance floor and re-live their youth. It’s great to watch the happiness in their faces. I’ve not seen another place like it. No other bar gives you that feel good factor as that one does. A clean bar anyway.

We now make a point of going at least twice a week. Mario is a good host and happy to spend time shooting the breeze with you. The staff are very friendly and approachable. Prices? No idea? The soups, pastas and steaks which we’ve sampled are all great.

The only fault I can find is the spelling on the menu. There are some funny mistakes, which could have been on purpose, as it when you see a mistake, you look for more. A good way to get you to read the whole menu I guess?

I recommend the Mashrooms…

If you’re ever in HH – then do give this place a look.

3 thoughts on “Salsa in HuaHin”

  1. Hi Graham- do you get to throw buckets of ping pong at the dancers? I hope not. Sounds like a fun place with a manager trying to do all the right things. I think I only came across the manager of Bully’s once and than was when he was bawling out one of his staff in front of the customers. Needless to say I left pretty soon after.

  2. Hi Graham, I will come to visit Hua Hin for holiday soon and i hope the dance floor is still available for the visitors like us. The place looks nice and atmosphere is great from what i saw from those pictures posted. Please do let me know the latest news and i wish to come with my partner.

    1. Hi Roxy…. sorry to inform you – but the Salsa Restaurant is now closed. It’s a real shame. There is now a forsale sign on the door.

      We did hear that they maybe opening up again soon. If it sells, I hope the new owner keeps it as it is – and just does a little more marketing. It’s a fab little place.

      – when you do go to HH on your hols.. be sure to visit SOS Bar. Great little place for people watching, good singer and its quite common for people to get up and have a little dance.

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