And this is why we wear crash helmets

Saw this on Stickboy…. shocking! – hope young Sticky doesn’t mind me using it?

I hope the people people who see this will now understand why it is we should wear helmets?!

Apparently the wheels on the bus wouldn’t stop going round – as the brakes failed.   Which got me thinking 1) the bus is probably not maintained – which is typical and 2) to  slow a bus (or any vehicle) you can use the engine breaking.  The driver could have slammed it into 1st gear and brought the speed right down.

Obviously not as quick-thinking as the passenger on the bike it hit.

Put yourself in the drivers shoes… what would you do?  Try and avoid (as best you can) everyone and end up going through a busy intersection – or look for something to crash into?

Think I’d have ploughed into the nearest shittiest bus I could find.  Get them both off the road!






One thought on “And this is why we wear crash helmets”

  1. The wife showed me this one on TV and it is terrible, even if I say predictable. She also showed me one on the telly where two riders come off their bike and their helmets came off before they hit the road. Obviously just wearing the helmet to stop getting fined by the Police if caught. They would not think that putting the helmet on correctly may actually help or protect them.

    Of course we are talking helmets here and not the pretend plastic bucket types that some of them wear, again to stop getting fined by the police, but again never thinking why people around the world pay to wear helmets that have tested to a standard.

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