Staying a few nights in Bangkok

This time home in Thailand – I had a few little trips to Bangkok.  Only a couple of nights each time.

Where to stay?

The Rats tend to stay in Ratchada.  But as I have no idea where the fook that is – and have no desire to subject myself to riding in stinking taxis or share a BTS carriage with dirty old perverts I tend to stick to Sukhumvit are  – where I can walk to most places I want to go.

What is it you want out of a hotel?  Well,  if you’re intending on being out all the time, there is little point in spending good money on an empty room.

Personally,  when I am staying in Bangkok, I do like to spend some time in the hotel / room. Watch some tv, order some room service and just basically lounge around.   I like it to be relaxing.  It’s a balance. I like going out – but at my age, I need my recovery time too.

So when I choose a hotel, I want it to be a little bit nice, but also don’t want to waste money.

A buddy of mine lives on Soi 31 – and as it was him I was primarily going to see, I thought I’d stay at S31.  I’ve stayed at S15 many times and have always been impressed.   It’s the little things – like not making me fill out a soppy little form, having already given my information online.

I booked the Duplex Suite.  Not sure why?   Duplex sounded like it wouldn’t be out of place in New York or somewhere else that’s pretty cool.   In reality, it’s a pain in the arse – having to go up and down the bloody stairs all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, the room was nice.  Very nice.  Two toilets, kitchen, lounge, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and a fantastic ensuite bathroom.  Top notch.  Impressed I was.

It could probably do with a little update though – as the ipod speaker was for the older type ipod/iphone.  Who still has them?

And why is it these hotels don’t have Smart TV’s yet?

S31 is pretty nice.  It was around 4k per night – which I didn’t think was bad at all.  Good place to hang out and ‘entertain’ if that’s your thing.

The staff were very professional and helpful – but that’s to be expected when staying at an ‘S’ hotel.

Being on the corner of Soi 31 – it’s a great location too.   For that visit I stayed mainly on soi 22 and the like.   All in walking distance.

One of the main things I’ll take away from my stay at S31 is – the view.  Overlooking the Dinosaur park!

– What on earth is that place? Do they have any customers?  Surely its worth more to property developers?  Get rid of it.

I returned to Bangkok a week later – hoping to stay at S31 again.  For the days I wanted – it was fully booked.  Well, all the rooms under 5k a night were booked.

That’s o.k, I’ll try S15 instead.   – Fully Booked.

Not far away and another hotel we like ‘Grand Swiss’ on Soi 11.  – Fully Booked.

Really?  What’s going on?

For a moment I thought about the Citidines at the end of Soi 11 – but as that road is one big long construction site – I didn’t fancy it.  It’s just a mess at the moment.

Thinking about it a little more – I was going to be hanging with the Rats – so staying closer to Soi 4 was a better option.

DyNasty Grand on soi 6 it is.   Around 3k a night for the Exec Suite.  Not sure why it’s called Exec?  To me, it looked like just an average (old) room.  I remember when this place was being built about 10 years  ago.  I used to live next door in Saranjai Mansion.   Oh boy how the area has changed.

It was clean which was good.  It had a sofa and the usual stuff, but it wasn’t really a place I’d want to hang out in for too long.  Certainly not a party room.

Soi 6 is also a bit of a construction site these days – more on that later.

Dy-Nasty Grand was ‘ok’.  Probably a little bit pricey for what it is – but then I guess it’s comparable with most of the hotels in the area?

I did like the feature of pressing a button on the phone to state ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Please Tidy Room’.  How many times have I had to crawl out of bed with a stinking hangover to put the sign on the outside of the door.

I’d stay there again, but probably opt for the cheaper room.  It’s one of those places where I want to spend more time out of the room than in.  Staff were good and very pleasant.

I’ll be back there again next month – so need to start looking at hotels soon.

I wonder how the Omni Tower is doing these days?   Must be (over)due for a refurb by now?


11 thoughts on “Staying a few nights in Bangkok”

  1. Column Tower is nice, 3k-ish for a huge 50sqm, nicely appointed studio. Try to stay on the East or West side as you get great city views from bed! No walk of shame if you enter/exit the lobby from Asoke side rather than soi 16, straight to the lifts bypassing checkin desk staff and judgment 🙂 Have invited multiple gogo bar staff for after party, never was interrupted nor have been disturbed by noisy nehbors. It would seem this is one of the rare BKK high rises’ built with proper sound insulated walls! Love being right next door to Food Land, you got Long table on the 25th floor if you’re into pricey food and drink with great city views! As usual the decor and styling getting a bit tired but for a cool comfy place to hang out whilst staying in a prime location this is my #1.
    Stayed at the Continent Hotel a few years back for a month long holiday. Was a little more pricy at 3.8k-ish… The place was very nice, modern and comfortable but the rooms are small @ 30sqm. Had a couple of onsite bars that were constantly doing HiSo promo stuff, never ending tour of hot Thai model/promo girl wanta be’s . Medinii restaurant was Fantastic every time! NOT a good place to drag a gaggle of yaba head freelancers from Insomnia/Levels/Climax, (Thermae crowd should be OK 🙂 for after party sessions 🙁 1:1 not a problem but groups were unwelcome. Walls were also kinda thin too…
    Stayed at the Jasmine a few times @3k for a normal 35sqm studio. Was pretty dated 5 years ago so? Pool is great and being crawling distance from Cowboy is never a bad thing!

        1. Just had a look at the Column tower…I think that’s the way to go. Looks nice. 1 Bed Suite is just under 5k per night.

          One thing that makes me laugh though – is that they’ve obviously tried to make the list of Room Amenities as long as possible. Listing ‘hot and cold water’…

          What’s next? Windows and lights?

          I guess the person who was responsible for this used to work at a Hostel? 😆

          1. actually the rooms had a nice compliment, ensuite clothes washer/dryer, 4 burner electric range top (if you wanted to cook?) full size frig (full size for Thailand) @.42m3, all and all I was very comfortable staying there for nearly 6 weeks! And I had some serious rolln style freaky sessions and no one even batted an eye! On the ground floor they have split purpose commercial/retail shops with separate entrances so I was parading all kinds of weirdos up to the 32nd floor (as I remember) Needless to say, I have fond memories for this place…

    1. Checked on Trivago…. 1 bed Exec Suite…. just over 5k. – there are cheaper rooms… but I like the look of that one!

      1. I know it’s kinda silly hunting at a 2k difference in price. But with all the search options available these days it does give a little rush whilst the market races to the bottom! Either way I’m sure you will enjoy your stay, it’s a great location and the service was well above the mediocre Thai standards you find at places 3x the price! Funny that, we in the West equate price with standards. Thais don’t seem to have a predictable means to measure standards and perhaps that’s what drives so many people nuts?

  2. How about the Dawin on soi 6? Same owner as the Dynasty but much newer and more of a boutique feel…

    1. Huh… the Darwin? I’ll have to check it out. Good location – soi 6. Thanks Gary.

      I’ve a busy time coming up… a few nights in Dubai – then a few nights in Bangkok and then back to HH.

      For the 1st stopover in Bangkok I’ve booked the Landmark Hotel. GamblinMan will be in town – so thought I’d stay somewhere central.

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