Happy (for some) Songkran

Since laying my hat in Thailand many moons ago, claiming it to be my home, I have managed to avoid more than 10 years of Songkran. I did get caught one time – but tended to stay in the safety of the bar.

If memory serves me correct – I had some Scando backpacker train his water gun on me and just before he could fire, I told him where that gun was going to end up if he got me wet.

I have nothing against the Thai’s celebrating. It’s their celebration, its their culture, it’s their time. I do however take issue with all those farang pricks who take it to the extreme of wearing their combat fatigues and carrying a massive water gun – with the sole purpose of drenching as many girls as possible. Dicks.

The main reason I don’t like Songkran though – is that it brings out the worst in many people. They see it as acceptable to drink in excess and don’t act responsibly. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done that plenty myself, but I I haven’t got wasted and then driven a loaf of passengers in a Mini Van – and killing them all.

How many people have died this Songkran? Have you seen the Thai news? It’s a terrible waste of life at what should be a happy time. Miss Tim has gone to see her family Songkran and it’s a totally different scene in Ratchaburi. A few splashes here and there, some sitting around a table, eating and drinking. All very civilised and all are happy and enjoying themselves. Not one death in the village.

Thankfully it shall all be over by the time I arrive next week. I am off to Dubai for a weekend and then into Bangkok to meet up with the Rats. After looking at all the hotel options that were given to me – I was spoiled for choice. I couldn’t decide between Soi 4 area or soi 20. In the end, I decided on the Landmark. Not a bad location.

As per usual – I arrive at 7am, so it’s straight out to the Queen Vic for breakfast with the chaps so we can plan the days ahead. Hmmm…. we’ve not done a Pattaya in 12 for a while……..

4 thoughts on “Happy (for some) Songkran”

  1. The Landmark. Very nice. Always meant to try their bar (I think called The Huntsman) but never got around to it.
    Just saw some Songran videos from Hua Hin. Jesus Bintabhat has changed so much with all these new bars and beer garden complexes.

  2. The huntsman pub (bsmt level) has an excellent (or so I find) BUFFET ROAST dinner on mid-day Sundays.
    Further, they have a ” 4 for 3 ” deal on permanently, whereby you pay for 2 diners, but 4 diners can be covered.
    Also, landmark has a Members Card that gives discounts thruout the hotel, usually 10%, This can be used at the pub. It is also transferable for friends’ useage.
    I usually borrow ‘Jesse the Tailor’s’ card from his shop next door. He entertains there often & has long-term parking spots inside.

  3. I think I’ve done the Sunday lunch there a few times. The food isn’t bad at all. It was always a toss-up between there and the Londoner for a good Sunday Roast.

    Never stayed at the Landmark – so will report back of how it went…. not long to go now!

  4. Could have easily killed a few dickheads the other day. Had to run the gauntlet to get back to the hotel and got drenched. Stayed holed up in the hotel until I could leave at 630 am the next day when they were all sleeping it off.

    I hate Songkran but due to a mates wedding couldn’t avoid it this time – we will return to scheduled programming next year where I am no-where near all those a-holes.

    Always a good time to get out of dodge.

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