(Thai) Music to my ears…….

Seems I am not the only one who likes a little moan. I recently read on Stickboy that he is less than impressed with the music being played in some bars. – A subject close to my heart and one that I have written about many times in the past.

The beef? Well, my beef is with the bars that play that horrid Issaan music. Or any Thai music come to that. The patrons are not Thai,  they didn’t come to listen to that and It’s not as if it’s nice on the ears is it?

There is the (weak) argument that if it makes the girls happy – then that’s a good thing and in turn, that’ll make the punters happy?

No. I don’t agree. Every time I have been in a bar where they whack on a set of Thai music, every Thai starts jumping around, singing and generally going nuts with EACH OTHER. They don’t even notice there are Farangs in the place.

Mandarin have got it right. Next to the stage they have a big bucket of what I can only assume is cheapest, nastiest booze they could find – with about 50 straws. The girls get drunk. They’re happy, the punters are happy. At no point are everyone’s ears assaulted.

But let’s not beat up on the bar owners too much for the music.  Gogo’s are different – as they have some Thai DJ who plays the shite music that he and all his Thai mates are into.  When it comes to a small bar – its not so easy to please.

You can please all of the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time.  Casting my mind back to the Mango days – there was a particular group of people that I remember.  Always bitching about the music.

First they asked us to move a speaker – as it was above the table which they liked to sit at.  So we did.   Soon after they switched tables and complained the music was too close to their ears.

At the Mango we had the usual Rock/Pop collection of CD’s.  They’d moan everytime a song came on they didn’t like.    Eventually I asked one of them to give me a list of music they liked and I’d make up a playlist for them.  I was nice like that.

The guys response was (and I quote)  “It’s not my job”!!   Brilliant.  There I am trying to please him by playing music he likes – but am told I more or less had to read his mind to find out what he liked?!

From then on – I made a point of ignoring them.  All I had to do was stay away from the bar during happy hour or when there was a promotion on so as not to bump into the cheap charlie peasants.   I still see them about soi 4.  Hanging out in Happy Hour bars where they are not acknowledged by anyone.   Serves them right.   I could go on for hours about those expats who barely survive in Thailand . Buying fake crap and selling it on eBay.  These people are losers.

Another peeve I have (and I need to be careful so as not to offend some friends) is the people that wear those Amulets – when they are clearly not Thai or  Buddhist.

There is a guy at work who has one round his neck. He was married back in the UK.. got divorced, got some money, got old and then got a Thai bride. Fair enough. He’s happy, but why have this thing hanging round his neck?

I asked him. “I wear it to keep the wife happy” was his response. This made me dislike him even more. Nob. I am sure there are many things that he wife would like him to do – which he doesn’t. Lose weight, stop fucking around, stop speaking pigeon English, stop being a dick…etc… he doesn’t pay any attention to those requests.

No.. the only reason these guys wear this stuff is because they think it makes them interesting and Thai’s respect them – which they don’t. There is no other reason. I don’t buy this ‘it brings me luck’ crap – as that’s false and to be honest – total fantasy. I’ve not met one person who is in a good place right now who can lay claim to the fact the soppy piece of gold around their neck brought them luck.

I am however open to anybody explaining how this luck thing is real.  I’d like them to explain how these bring ‘good luck’ – when almost every car/van/truck in Thailand that was involved in a fatal crash had been blessed or had some kind of religious Charm in there somewhere.

If that’s good luck – you can keep it.





12 thoughts on “(Thai) Music to my ears…….”

  1. I liked the Tequila Bar (Owned by Eddie) in the Raja Complex. It’s now called “It’s Up To You Bar” and Eddie is long gone. They allowed you to make up your own playlists that they would play whenever you walked into the bar. Of course that always meant that you bought the staff a drink. Of course as soon as someone else walked into the bar his playlist was put on and you were out in the cold.
    Aye the amulet things get me too but I suppose it’s money in the bank if they are gold and I suspect that’s why the western guys wear them. It’s a sign of wealth a bit like wearing a genuine Rolex.

    1. There is no Raja complex anymore Dan!

      Lots of bars now – favor the youtube TV, and let the customers VJ. Problem with that is – you have to keep on it or the music finishes every 3 minutes.

      Best thing is to search for a mix….

  2. Yeh I’ve seen that the RAJ is gone but I believe The Up to You Bar is still in existence as it was along the right and side more or less backing onto the 7-eleven. Aye Youtube solves a lot of problems. The Cabin Bar (used to be Alex Bar) on Soi 6 also used to play a lot of live DVD gigs which were pretty good. I do agree that the Thai music playing in farang bars aren’t a good thing on the whole – maybe a lit bit now and again doesn’t do any harm. I suppose at the end of the day your money is king and you can take to which ever bar you choose. I’m sure you are glad that you are well out of the bar owner scene after 5+ years?

  3. Got my names mixed up. Its actually called “You Again Bar” and not “Up To You Bar” I see they have had a really modern re-fit as well. I don’t think I would like it now. Another one off the list.

    1. Noooooo! I like it when I see you moan too.

      – makes me feel like I a not the only one and it is ‘all them’ that are nobs!

  4. What about a bar with individual headphones so you can just listen to your own playlist while spending time on ya phone.

    I could be on to something there …

  5. On the music thing. I often talk with my buddies that when we come back from Thailand each time we suddenly start liking horrible music. It’s kind of a on-running joke. The crap played at the gym reminds me of thailand, I know it sucks and that reminds me of what a total baffoon I am when partying in a gogo and that makes me laugh…
    Maybe on the reasons i could tolerate Angel Witch so much, they got ACDC on repeat in there, Classic rock is much more tolerable to over playing.

  6. The amulet round my neck has always brought me luck in soapies.

    Music in bars – either its good and listenable, mediocre to the point that it doesn’t bother me or register (majority of bars), or terrible and irritating. A couple of years ago in Secrets Pattaya, a chum and myself were given ‘control’ of the music for about half and hour. This consisted of us writing down our selections and girls scurrying off to get them somehow played. We were putting down genuine songs we wanted to hear, with sometimes hilarious results as our handwriting was clearly mis-read.

    One of the girls was incredulous at some of the tunes playing (nothing mind-bending, only Grandmaster Flash’s White Lines). “Is this the music you really like??” “Er….yeah, toots. Customer selections…..that’s the concept”

  7. Well..yeah…Thai music…Haven’t taken a shine to it yet after all these years. Not in bars where where I go to have a good time. There is some good stuff out there but that is an individual choice…but not in expat bars.
    I was always happy with Ange lWitch 2 upstairs in Nana, the DJ played my kind of music when I was there.
    You are right G. that when the set comes on all the girls start the Thai dance, hand moving, sing along…and all that shit…fucking hate that…in the bar that is . They can do that at home.
    But…the funniest thing is that the Farangs (or some of them) try to join in, swirling their hands and trying to look like they know the song…fucking hilarious..tossers.
    Guys wearing Buddha necklaces ok, but tell me what it means…don’ t know, just look that I am in tune with Thai culture…Tossers
    Next R&R in Bkk. August anyone around let me know…
    Rock on

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