Visa Time – Again……

Once again, the time has come to apply for a Shengun Visa for Miss Tim – so we can pop over to France/Spain to see our pals.

I may have let slip one or twice before – that I HATE the visa process.   But by that,  I am referring to the people that handle/manage it.

It used to be a second rate bunch of clowns called VFS.  Total bunch of jobs-worth fools.   They angered me so much that Miss Tim suggested I no longer accompany her to the offices to apply for visas with her.

Bear in mind,  we have never had a visa rejected.  All our papers, tickets, letters, finances, flights etc.. were always above board and present.    There has never been a reason to refuse a Visa or even reject the Visa Application paperwork (by the handling agent).

Last year the VFS clowns infuriated me when they would not accept our nice neat typed (using PDF pro) Visa Application form downloaded from the Spanish Visa Website – oh no,  it had to be transposed onto the VFS form which was identical except for a little VFS form number on the bottom of the page.

The only reason I can fathom for them insisting we do this is so that VFS can pretend they have been doing something.

– tossers.

Once filled in – we then had to make photocopies (why?)  from their machines which were available at a fee.

Surely – for the 3000 or so fee, they could have done this?     I still get angry thinking about it.

When we got the Visa back, it had the wrong dates on it.   We didn’t know until we went to collect it from Hua Hin.  Why the Agent who we paid money to ‘manage’ the process couldn’t check this before we made the journey is beyond me.  VFS to me was less than useless.

So it was with great pleasure and satisfaction when I heard the news that VFS is no longer dealing with Visas.  Wahoo.  Good.   May all of you idiots spend the rest of your lives realising what a bunch of twats you are.

Moving on… there is a new outfit in town.   BLS.    Thinking this mob would be better than the last – I was mistaken.

With all our paperwork completed – Miss Tim went online to book an appointment.   Nothing available for a week!

One week later – she turned up, they looked at the papers and rejected it!

In the application,  we listed the full agenda.  Flight tickets, hotel reservations etc.. it was all there.   All except for 3 days where I stated we would be staying at my friends house.    We had (confirmed) hotel reservations either side of the stay with my pal.   So what could be an issue?

They wanted a copy of my friends passport.   Why?       Like I said,  I had reservations in hotels before and after my visit to my friends.  Come to think of it,  what is stopping me from sleeping in my car if I wanted??  Twats.

Anyway,  if I asked them for what reason they needed it – they’d not be able to give me an answer so it was easy to just give it to them.    It was just a case of adding one bit of paper.

Easy enough – but we had to book another appointment.  Which was ANOTHER WEEK!   Why do they not have slots for re-submissions?  Why go through the whole process again?

Why?  because each appointment is recorded.  And the results of each appointment is recorded so that performance figures can be produced.  The more applications which are knocked back – the better it looks for BLS.   Oh what a good job they are doing!  Dicks.

So Miss Tim had to go back to HH and wait another week.   Back to Bangkok to handover the paperwork which took all of 2 minutes.

Then wait.    This is the second Spanish visa in a year.   One would assume that her records are on file – and that the background checks have already been done, so why is it taking longer than a 1st time application?

BLS do however give you a Tracking number so you can follow your application online.   This is actually horse shit.

For more than 2 weeks… this was the ‘tracker’

According to the ‘status’ online – the visa application is in Transit.   It has been in transit for 2 weeks now.   A distance of 100 yards has taken 2 weeks.  Why can’t they change the status to ‘being processed’?   That would at least make me think the application/passport is not in some idots bag who is walking around the city – lost.

After 17 days – we received an e-mail saying the passport was ready.     As many people don’t actually live within walking distance to the Agency – they do offer a postal service.   However,  as we have no confidence in these buffoons and as the Agency doesn’t check the visa before handing it over to you, Miss Tim had to once again head to Bangkok from HH.

I can only imagine the journeys (lots of them pointless) for people who live up in Issaan or other Shitsville places having to go to and from these Agencies.       I feel for them.

Here is an idea… if your visa application is missing something minor – then why not let the applicant address that error and re-submit with a day or so?    NOT have them wait another week for a new appointment.

Many people don’t have the means to hang around the city for a week.   They may have come from 100’s of miles away.

And then – when the application is back from the Embassy – and in the hands of the Agent – why can’t the agent check the Visa to confirm it’s o.k?   How many times have  there been errors?    How many poor people have travelled for hours to collect their Visa to find a mistake and have to resubmit it yet again through no fault of their own? Why oh why can those fools not check it before you embark on what is for some – and epic journey?

Seriously, why are Thai people making life so difficult for Thai people?   I am truly amazed.

So… it’s been two and a half weeks since submitting the visa application.   The ‘tracker’ says its in transit ever since day 1.  It’s now day 18 and the status has changed to ‘Ready for collection’. No e-mail or phone call.

What’s more, its Friday lunchtime.   So no time to travel from HH to Bangkok before the place closes for the weekend.

This morning Tim travelled to BKK via the ‘Mini-Vans of death’ to collect it.  Luckily I am not there – or I’d be asking the numpties what is the point of their Tracker.   All it basically says is ‘its submitted’ and ‘its ready’.   It’s a status, not a tracker you imbeciles.

Anyway – Visa is now in her hands – which is good.  Thankfully there are no mistakes this time which is a bonus – as next week we are off to Barcelona.

Good… need a bit of R&R.

As you were…