Quick stop in BKK before heading to Europe

Been off the airwaves for a while.  Busy, busy.

A few weeks ago I flew into Bangkok.  Landed at 7am as per usual and wasn’t planning on staying the night, so didn’t have a hotel booked.   Not a problem, as my pal PRP was in town so I dumped my crap off at his place.

Plain sailing through the airport this time – no hang ups, hold ups, traffic or Chinese people getting in my way.

By 10am we were sitting down for breakfast in the Queen Vic.    Again, the usual stuff on the menu – all of it pretty good.

11am saw some pals pitching up at the Queens Park Plaza for a little lunchtime session.

The QPP is not the nicest place in Bangkok.  Bit grubby and run down these days.  Bit like most of Bangkok then.

Some pals joined us and we went at it full steam.  The bar ‘Rumours’? was our bar of choice. Only chosen as it was the first one we arrived at.    Can’t say the service was very good and we had to send a few bottles of beer back for not being as cold as we’d liked.

Now, I am not a beer drinking – but am fully aware of the issue with beer not being icy cold.  Many times we had people complain that the beer (bottles) we not cold enough.  Many times I’d have liked to have explained that the bottles had only been in the cooler for an hour – so either drink faster or stop drinking at 10am – you bloody drunks!

Anyway, some old woman at the bar was giving us dirty looks so we decided to head back to a mates apartment to see his dogs and drink anything he had in his cupboards.

Once the heat started dropping off, we headed to soi 18 to ‘Foxie’  – which used to be the Fox and Hounds.   It is owned by an expat I know.  He bought it with grand ideas of having an English boozer he could hang out at.  His (Thai) wife had a different idea (changed the name) and now it’s a full on Thai bar with LB’s mingling around.   The expat now stays at home.   We go there to show support – but am not sure why, as all cash goes to the wife.   Think I’ll swerve it from now on.

From there is was the usual – Top Secret,  Too Easy…etc….     Lomeo turned up – but by that time I was well on the way to wasted, having not touched a drop of booze in a month.

I was on a tight schedule so had my driver picking me up at 11pm.  Off to Hua Hin.

One night only was all I was to have in HH.    The next day Miss Tim and I were heading to Europe for our hols.    Which is where I am now.  In a little south of France in a little mountain village.

Top of a mountain.. where no one can hear you scream

There was the UK,  then to Barcelona, then to the south of France.   Tomorrow we are off to Paris for a few days and then off back to the UK for a few days until returning to HH.

I need a rest.

Full trip report to follow.    You’ll not believe this, but Spanish and French people really piss me off….

2 thoughts on “Quick stop in BKK before heading to Europe”

  1. Hey G. Good to see you are enjoying the French and Spanish people..n’est pas?
    Anyway after you fun time in Europe, will you be around Bkk in August?
    I will be in Kokbang from 9th August for 3 weeks R&R.
    Lomeo? Catch up?…or whoever will be there.
    You might meet HCM…the new project…
    Unfortunately I have absolutely nothing to write about Mali….Mining camp…restricted access outside of camp to my project site due to ongoing Muslim Dickheads (Tuaregs) trying to infiltrate down from the North…A couple of weeks ago some assholes stormed a Resort outside Bamako and killed some expats (EU guys)…Islamic Wankers…
    Zero girl stories…no point in trying…they don’t believe in body hygiene…and shaving 🙂
    Anyway, If any of your fuckers are around in August, let me know…….
    Rock on…Frank

    1. Now back in the UK…. ahh…. how nice to be back to a normal country.

      I shall be in Thailand for most of August and a little bit of September… bring it on!

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