The Dwarfinator

One thing I love about being back in the UK….. is getting to drive and ride without fear of crashing or having someone crash into me.  Stopping at lights, giving way…. the list is endless!  Pure heaven.


5 thoughts on “The Dwarfinator”

    1. Its a crash helmet.

      – oh, you mean underneath the crash helmet?

      That’ll be my Batman mask.

      Yes, I am Batman.

  1. How true this is!! I spent a lot of time in Taiwan, and remember returning home after being there for awhile. At first, when approaching an intersection, I would slow down even though I had the right of way, as I was sure that the other vehicle would ignore its’ stop sign and pull in front of me.

    1. Ha! yes, true.

      I really do find driving anywhere outside Asia and the Middle-East – a pleasure.

      The people back home don’t understand what I am talking about of course. But those of you know know…know!

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