Counting Down……

Next week I shall be heading home to Hua Hin for some R&R – having now worked a whole month, I deserve a month off.

Stopping off in Dubai for a few days to catch up with some pals – and then into Bangkok for next weekend.

Saturday and Sunday night I shall be in town trying to amuse myself.  Most of the Rats have left the sinking ship, there are still one or two around to go drinking with.

Monday I shall head home to HH – where I have nothing planned but to sit by the pool for a month.

Of course,  that’ll get boring after a while so I’ll need something to entertain me.   Hmm… there is a Ferry to Pattaya just down the road.   It’s about time I gave that one a try I think?

Didn’t I read somewhere that Flank was in town next week?   Beer or 10?

8 thoughts on “Counting Down……”

  1. Yep I get into Bkk next Wednesday 9th….10 beers or more sound like a good idea.
    Can catch up on Sat or Sun….up to you 🙂
    Rock on…

        1. Frank… I’ll need at least 3 bottles if you’re gonna tell me about RC!

          Time to sync watches…. I land around 19:30. Limo into the Marriott and then to the Plaza.

          Hoping to be at a bar by 21:30 Saturday night. Which bar though?

          Failing that, if you’re busy – then Sunday afternoon…2pm at Hooters.. always a good time to smash in a bottle of GG.

          1. Ok…I’ll tell you the RC saga! 🙂
            Sat night is ok….bar?…Angelwitch 2 (if it is still there?) Can start there and see where we end up… I stay in Soi 7 so pretty close to everything.

        2. Sorry no – I’m taking a cocktail of pills that have made me impotent (and you can’t drink while on them). Oh the joy

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