I’ve written about this guy before.  But things have moved on in the past few years.   To recap…. I once worked with a guy who is in his 60’s, nearing retirement and looking to hang up his gloves somewhere warmer than his homeland of Scotland and preferably near a golf course.

He went to Pattaya on some golfing holidays as you do – and fell in love with a girl more than 30 years younger than him.  She was a ‘good girl’.    Even though he met her in a beer bar in Walking street – he was convinced she was as pure as the driven snow.

As time went on – he moved her in.   He then had a nice big house with swimming pool built and put her kid into private school.

There were many times where I suspected something wasn’t right – but he dismissed them all.

For example – he’d be working (away) but she could not be contacted.   Apparently the App on her phone stopped working properly so she could only text message?!  I asked what was wrong with the home computer he has, but he said she couldn’t remember her SKYPE password?!  He believed it all.

He even had CCTV installed in his house that conveniently didn’t work when he was not there.

There are many little tales like this – but what do I know?  I had only been here 10+  years, employed girls who run these scam on guys like this.  What do I know?

Roll on a few years and I find that he has had another house built – this one for her parents – who are younger than him.  I asked why?.  He said ‘because that’s what you do’?!

I also found that he has since moved out of his nice big house and has it rented out (for the income) and lives in some shithole in Issan near the parents.  He may even have had that one built to.

The kid is in school up there too – so the few years in expensive school was a complete waste of money.

He has sold his house back in Scotland and he recently tied the knot with her!

The guy is a fucking idiot.

He is 66 or 67.   She is 32 or 33.    He likes playing golf, reading books and fallking asleep at 7pm.    He claims that’s what she is into.   Do you remember what you were like when you were in your 30’s?   Moreover,  what women are like in their 30’s?!

So anyway,  I’ve not really kept in touch with this guy over the last few years – as I think he is a nob.  He has sold all his assets – and what he does have left is in his name.  His kids back home in Scotland will get nothing when he eventually chucks himself off the balcony.

His wife who he’s only known a 4 years will get it all.

So why am I telling you this?    Well,  he just got in contact and told me he has just rented a small studio condo in Pattaya and will be there this month.

Just so happens we are planning a Patts trip so I think I’ll meet up with him and remind him what a dick he is.

I shall ask him why it is – he has his dream house – rented out to pay for the living expenses of HER family?   Why it is he bought her parents a house?  Why it is, he didn’t stay in his own house and live off the money in the bank?  Or even better, buy another house and rent that out – for the income?

I may just sum it up and ask what it is he thinks a young(ish) girl sees in an old fart like him?

If he was 25 years younger – I’d give him a slap.

Next Friday – is ‘Pattaya Day’!

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  1. Just to confirm that although I’m Scottish, and nearing 60, I’m not that guy and never will be. Unfortunately these stories aren’t uncommon and more likely the norm. Oh well let them get on with it. Enjoy your time in Patts

  2. No comment on people like that…their choice, their consequences.
    I seem to remember, years back there used to be a Pattaya pal blog which was closely linked to another tosser who went under Bangkok Buddy or something like that…dicks.
    Dan enjoy you retirement…I am shure you deserved the fucker:-)…We will cross paths at some stage. Meanwhile having a ball in Bkk.
    Rock on…

  3. I’d just ignore him mate! We become the company we keep, and this dude’s an idiot…
    Sounds like one of the old reader subs from Stick.

  4. I remember I was going to submit a sub about interfering in other peoples life/mistakes when I Thailand. Maybe need to resurrect it.
    I find that it can get a bit draining listening or reading to some peoples stories. That is the main reason I don’t read Stickman’s readers subs anymore.

    1. Of course, I am right, you are right, we are all right… but this guy is a good friend of my good friends. He totally ‘lost it’ when he met this girl at 63.

      But what gets me – is that he is trying to convince everyone/me that this is ‘different’…

      I refuse to be told stories and have to pretend that he is right – when he feeds me this crap.

      Yes, it’s his life/money. Up to him.

      1. yes I remember us having a drink with him in Patts. If I recall,not the sort of guy (off the bat) that you would have picked to be that stupid (I don’t know him as well as you)

  5. These guys seems to fall into the same category as the guy that pays too much for the bargirls time… I’ve done it, we’ve all done it, well maybe not all. haha.

    There is just so many stories floating around in Issan of men that do this, that when someone comes along and wants to have a normal relationship, it’s not good enough. What no house for me mum? how rude… And all these girls exaggerate the stories than need no exaggeration, while trying to one up each other. It’s a self perpetuating mess.

    1. “These guys seems to fall into the same category as the guy that pays too much for the bargirls time… I’ve done it, we’ve all done it, well maybe not all. haha.”

      We’re currently trying to stage an intervention with the @GamblinMan. He’s fallen rather hard for an Angelwench and has her on a monthly retainer. Did I mention they often wear matching shirts (*groan*)

      1. Ah yes, our very own GamblinMan and his little girlfriend. I’ll be giving him the full grilling on the way to Pattaya on Friday… for when we give PattayaMan a grilling.

        Thing with GM – is that his girl is ‘different’?! They are only 37 years apart in age – so obviously they share the same interests?!! GM honestly thinks that if he wasn’t paying her – she’d stick around. He thinks she ‘genuinely’ likes him. He needs a punch in the face.

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