Smokey and the BKKPD

Those (smokers) of you familiar with Bangkok, specifically Soi 4 will be aware of the Cigarette Police who slap you with a 2000bht fine if you chuck your Butt on the floor and stamp it out.

Police have even been known to follow a smoker if they see them walking down the street. It’s easy money. I am sure all Fines go into the system and not into their pockets. I am sure of that… I really, really am….

I am not a smoker – and if I am honest, I think all smokers are selfish twats. Those that come and smoke all over me when I am eating or breathing that is.

But, putting my hatred aside I am going to reveal how smokers could get one-up on the Cops.

The other day I spotted the ‘Portable Ashtray’! It’s on a keyring which is handy. Just loop that through your jeans. Unless you’re an American and there is no room on your jeans as you have a cell phone holder strapped to them.

And there is more… why don’t the street vendors sell these? Instead of ‘Gob stopper man’ selling those stupid oversized Zippo lighters – he could sell these instead. The best part  is that as he’s knocking on a bit,  all he has to do is sit himself outside the Police booth and wait for the Cops to bring him customers.

After all, after just paying out 2000bht to the Cops ‘fund’ – shelling out 50bht on this little beauty would be a worthwhile investment.

3 thoughts on “Smokey and the BKKPD”

  1. Thais can spit on the street with impunity, of course. But not us ..

    They should ban smoking in all enclosed bars. They won’t, thanks to greng jai

    1. I have watched a Cop on the corner of soi 4 flick his cigarette but into the street.

      He should have been punched in the face…..

  2. Age old scam — you can also just walk away from the fake cigarette cops.

    Of course, easier for me – since I don’t smoke.

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