They see me Crawlin…. they hatin….

We’ve done the Soi  Cowboy bar crawl.  We’ve done the soi4 crawl.   What’s next?

Well, has anyone tried the soi 6 craw?   And I don’t mean Sukhumvit.   I am talking Pattaya!

Plans are in motion for a soi 6 bar crawl.  Not sure when… in the next few months when peoples schedules align.

Lots of bars in one night.  More than Cowboy.   I think this may have to be a 2 day event.

More details to follow…..  Who’s in?

Thanks to the guys at Bangkok-Eyes for providing the above map!




12 thoughts on “They see me Crawlin…. they hatin….”

  1. Holy fuck G! We’re not going to swing that in one session and I have no intention on blowing the crap out of my liver. Two days for sure. Let’s see how this pans out. I am good for January and this Nov. The next issue would be how to sell this to HCC (Hair Cut Chic, yes, the one you met last time)…but I have an idea already 🙂
    Still not Black enough…Rock on…

    1. You’ll not complete it in one hit with that attitude!

      We did a Cowboy crawl a few years back. Took us about 7 hours. Every bar. Only 3 men left standing at the end if I recall correctly,

      PRP, Kiwi Mike… and yours truly!

      The Patts run should be spread over 2 days though.

      Conveniently, there is a Hotel in the middle of soi 6!
      – the good ole days!

    2. I tried to let this go… but I can’t.

      “The next issue would be how to sell this to the girlfriend”

      Are you serious? You don’t to sell it to her. You just have to TELL her! How is it all these guys think they have to seek permission from their girlfriends to go out?

      It’s simple. If they don’t like it, then show them the door. You think they will leave? What would they tell their friends and family?- “we split up because I said he couldn’t go out”!

      But, if you are a bit soppy and head over heels for your girl (GM) then explain to her the challenge ahead. We plan to have a drink in every bar in a short amount of time.

      That rules out having time to buy lay drinks, chatting up girls and going for a short time. We’ll only have time to chuck a drink down our necks before moving on. Shit, if anything, the girlfriends should be encouraging it!

  2. LOL…If I come along, I’ll tell her. Better that way, so we all know where we stand.
    I agree with not having a lot of time to piss around, but there may be the odd bar that might entice a longer stay whereas some prob will be Fuck this, let’s get out of here”…
    Print out that map and bring it along so we can tick off and rate as we go along…:-)
    Rock on…

      1. Noooooo!

        Recon mission!

        Looks a tough one too.

        Lots of bars. Lots of hogs. Two day mission for sure.

          1. Good fun.

            Time to head home.
            Back on the ferry.

            Sleep is the order of the day.

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