Sleeping at the Mall (well, the hotel above it)

It’s that time again.   After a month of R&R it’s time to head back to work.

Thing is, I don’t go direct to work…. I stop off in Bangkok and Dubai on the way.   And why not?

Plenty of Rats about this weekend, so 3 nights in Bangkok should be plenty of time to catch up.  All that’s needed is a Hotel.  Some of you may know about my ongoing quest to find the perfect hotel.  The other month I thought I found it – The Landmark near soi 4.    I do like it.  The only thing I am not too keen on are the prices of the room service and the cafe out front. Still, premium hotels command premium prices I guess?

So it was almost the Landmark Hotel that was to accommodate us – until Miss Tim suggested we give Grande Center Point at Terminal 21.     A good suggestion as we planned to spend a lot of time in the T21 shops, restaurants and cinema.  Also handy for Cowboy.    All good arguments for staying there, but whar really swung it was the website advert said the rooms have a FREE MINIBAR!   Oooo yes.  Take my money now.

All in all.. with the tax, hidden charges, hidden tax, made up tax and ++ of something else, the Grande Delux Room worked out 5,500 bht per night.    Similar to the Landmark – but the Landmark doesn’t have a free minibar.  Now,  I don’t want to sound like a Trip Advisor review – but this might be handy for those of you who maybe looking for a decent hotel in these parts.

Check-in was a breeze.  All I had to do was sign my name and we were shown to the room.   Pretty nice.  Bigger than the Landmark, great views, modern and comfy.

Can’t say I was impressed with the Free Minibar.

Was this the free minibar or what the last guests left behind?

Room Service menu is not bad and is not overpriced.  A burger/fries cost 240 and a Spag Bol 200 bht.  Not bad, not bad at all.

The best part the hotel is the location….  you can go from the Lobby into the Shopping Mall.  No BTS, no sidewalks, no taxi’s… no people!   I’ll forgive them the minibar for that alone.

Room with a view…

I’m one of those people that do tend to spend time in the hotel room, rather than sitting in any bar that is open all day.  It’s a nice room and pleasant to stay in.  Sitting on my computer, looking over Asoke area 22 floors up.  Yeah,  nice.

Very pleasant stay indeed.   T21 –  I’ll be back.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping at the Mall (well, the hotel above it)”

  1. Have never stayed there, but looks nice.

    Have you ever considered AirBnB, HomeAway, etc? I have started to stay at these places when in BKK (currently writing this from one such place in Soi ThongLor). A bit more room to spread out, price is quite a bit less for roughly similar quality, etc.

    No free mini bar, but generally a 7-11 close by to pick up a six pack of Chang. LOL

  2. AirBnB eh? Not tried that. Don’t really know anything about them to be honest. It’s just peoples houses right? Does someone meet you there when you arrive?

    I must check out that website….

  3. Yep, it is someones house/condo, etc that they are renting out on a short term basis. I have heard that Thailand is cracking down on this (i.e. short term landlords should be licensed, etc.) but does not seem to be enforced as of yet.

    In my current place, an envelope was left with the security guard with key, etc. It is relatively big condo development, so no one really knows if I have been here one day or one year. All of these types of rentals (HomeAway, AirBnB) require upfront payment. Cancellation policy seems to be up the owner – varying from lenient to no refund, but that is spelled out in the listing.

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