To the Plaza….

It’s been a while since we hit Nana.     As per usual, we all met up with our wives and girlfriends.  Said our hellos and goodbyes – and as they went to go eat their bodyweight in noodles – we headed to the Plaza.

Flank was back in Bangkok.. wearing his Black war uniform.   Lomeo had been given a pass and Bubba also graced us with his presence.   GM was absent.   He had buggered off to another Country with his young ‘girlfriend’ who is different.

Anyway,  after leaving Hanrahans – we headed to meet Bubba in Big Dogs.  I was approx 7pm.  Perfect time for people watching.  Unfortunately we were not the only ones with that idea so had to head to Lucky Luke’s instead.  Flank was very conscious of the time – as he was meeting a girl at AW at 8.   He had met her the night before.  I am guessing he dazzled her with his impressive air-guitar skills.    He’d made her a promise that he’d return the next night (tonight) at 8pm.     Thing is – he was keeping to this promise.  To the very minute.   We tried telling him that she probably hears guys tell her every night that they’ll be back the next night and never show up.  So it doen’t matter if he is a few minutes, hours or even days late.  She’ll still greet him like a Soldier coming back from war.

Lucky Luke’s is a bit bleak.  No.  A LOT bleak.  Such prime real estate going to waste.   The 1st bar you get to in the Plaza and you feel like you actually want to run past it.  It’s in a desperate need of a refurb.   Being Halloween, all the girls in the bar were happy – as it was the one night of the year they didn’t have to dress up or put on make-up to fit in with the scary theme.

With Flank pointing at his watch every 3 minutes – we drank up and headed upstairs… to a bar closer to AW so that Flank wasn’t late to meet his future ex-wife.  We stuck our head through ‘Diamonds’ curtain to see what was happening.  Nothing.  Lots of girls sitting around putting on make-up and stuffing their faces.  We’ll call back later then.

A walk down to the corner – said ‘hi’ to all the lads standing around in their bikinis and came to a halt by the stairs.  It was too early for go-go’s.   Not even 8pm.    We reassured Flank that his girl will still be there at 8:30 – so please lets have a drink somewhere.

Back down the stairs to the little beer bars in the centre of the Plaza.   And what a great spot!  They should have a bar you can sit at that points straight at the entrance of the Plaza.  Good viewing for sure.

We had a couple of drinks there and shot the shit.  We couldn’t relax too much as Flank was getting excited.

Few drinks down, back up the stairs to AW.     They tried to seat us on the back row, which we declined and took our regular spot at the stage.    Flank saw the service girl from the night before – who then pointed out his girl.#

Soldier boy Flank was greeted like he had just come back from 5 years at war.  The lads were dropped like an old hanky and off he went to back tier of seats with his new girl and he never spoke to us again!

Occasionally we’d look back to see if he’d finished his air-guitar set – only to see him KISSING her! At one point it looked like a scene from Alien.

I am not a fan of AW.   However,  they did have a load of girls packed onto the stage.  The thing with AW – is that you are never going to find a ‘good girl’ there.  They’re all hardened hookers.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they’ve only been working there a week.

We left Mr & Mrs Flank and headed downstairs (again) to Pretty Lady (or whatever it’s called).   The place has changed.  There was once a time when we’d enter the place and all the girls would go nuts at their inevitable influx of booze that was soon to come their way.  Now, all the women are old or dead.

Taking a seat by the bar – we had a few.     That night was the first night I noticed how big that place is.  It’s huge!

A few drinks down, all was good and then BAM…. I was spotted by an old troll.   She was old 10 years ago when she was at the Mango… now she is just horrid.  She came over and said hello and just hung around.  I bought her a drink for old times sake – and warned her that my girlfriend could walk through the door at any moment – so keep your claws off me.

Old Troll pointed out a girl on stage – saying it was her 1st night.   Troll plucked her from the village somewhere, got her the job and lets her stay in her room.  Hmm.. likely story.  Anyway,  1st night?  O.k… lets buy her a drink then.

New girl didn’t speak much Engrish – which was good as I don’t really like talking that same old crap to Bar girls anymore.    I gave her a tip (to fook off) and she handed it to the Troll!   ‘She has to pay me’ says the Troll.   I am guessing that Troll has bankrolled New girls little business plan.

When the New girl was given the little ticket for her lady drink – she placed it in my bin.  Troll then corrected her and told he she must keep it on her and exchange it for cash at the end of the shift.   – Wow.. she really was new!

Toll went onto tell me that she ‘helps’ many girls into the business.  This New girl was only going to spend a week at Pretty Lady (Bunnies) and was then heading upstairs to Bill Board.   There was some deal going on with the Troll and the old Mamasan (Crow) at Billboards.    Sex worker apprenticeship / trafficking in the flesh right there.

From PL, we headed upstairs to Bill Board.   Holy crap.  The place was crammed with girls – and I am sorry to say – quite a few LB’s.   I am not a fan.  I don’t think they should be there – but then why are they there?  I can only assume they’re there because there is a demand?  So who are these guys?    I just don’t see the attraction to being with a dude with tits.   Sorry, but there is something wrong with you if that’s your thing.

We bumped into Crow… she was full of Halloween spirits and dressed either as a Witch – or her normal clothes – it’s hard to tell.   Lots of girls caked in black make-up.  Flank would have loved it.

Apart from the ‘dudes’ – there were some absolute stunners on the poles.   The kind of girls that you pictured on your arm when you imagined attending your 20year high-school reunion.    And all for the cost of a few hundred bucks.

Out of Bill Board – down the steps and headed into Erotica.  Compared to BB – these girls were hogs.  Still, hogs need loving too.  The girls morals here a re a little lower than most gogos.  They’re very hands-on and not shy.  The Rats certainly enjoyed it.  I wasn’t too comfortable as I was not interested in the hog that was trying to chat to me.  I was more interested in picking a fight with the Middle-Eastern guy who was shouting/screaming at girls – being very disrespectful.  I badly wanted to punch his face in.  The girls kept telling me to ignore him.  His pals clocked that I was not their biggest fans and left soon after.  Maybe I’d had enough to drink already?

From Erotica – we headed to Diamonds (I think).  Dreadful.   I feel sad to say that, as I’ve known the owners for many, many years.   The line up were absolute hogs.  There was just nothing nice about the girls there.  I don’t even think we finished our drinks?

Sprinting out of Diamonds…     straight into Mandarin.

Do you remember when Mandarin was popular?   I don’t know why I go in this place as I never enjoy myself.   With only a few people in the bar – we were shown seats at the back.   On the floor by the stage – sat the A or B Team waiting to get on the stage and dance.   For 10 mins they all just sat there looking glum and miserable.   Not much different to the girls on the stage.  Biggest bunch of miserable cows I’ve seen in one place.     The used to have a big bucket of nasty booze in the corner to get the girls in the mood.  That seems to have long gone.

When the shift changed – as per usual the Mamasans brought girls over to us and paraded them like a piece of meat.  Thanks, but no thanks.   I really hate that approach.  What must be going through that poor girls mind as she is offered up and rejected like that?

Once again, I vowed never to return there as long as I have a hole in my arse.   I’ll probably be back next month then.

At this point – we’d had a belly full.   Time to head home.      Looking back, the bar I’d most like to return to – is the little beer bar at the mouth of the Plaza.   I think if you get there early with some pals, get a good seat, I think it’d could be a good laugh.

I’ll pencil that in for next month….

7 thoughts on “To the Plaza….”

  1. Well….you guys ran off on me!!! You were supposed to be my best men for the ceremony and the consequent divorce….and there was no kissing. She complained about some problems with her tonsils, so I was just checking….
    Top night, glad to hear that you carried on.
    Still here for 1 1/2 weeks with HCC…
    Rock on….

  2. Graham – Great writeup.

    Flank – that wasnt you I saw last night under the Nana BTS station being the air guitar accompanist to the blind amputee singing guy? 😛

    1. He was either on air guitar or air drums! And YES… he was giving the AW girl a full tongue sandwich. To the point where we all started shouting at him to stop – as that was just disgusting!

  3. Brian, if it was me, can’t remember 🙂
    Hey G, you wouldn’t be getting jealous now because the ‘good’ girls in AW are all madly in love with me?…really…honestly….they are good girls, right????
    Rock on….

    1. Nah… I much prefer the ‘bad girls’. They’re so much more rare!

      When was the last time you heard a girl say “I’ve been on the pole for years, I am a right slut who will do almost anything for money, which includes lying to your face and shagging your mates behind your back given half the chance”

  4. Hehe…got a point there mate…..actually, what’s the diff?…who cares.
    Meanwhile out tonight with a few vodkas with HCC….Stumble Inn…I was just on my first one whilst HCC was getting us some snacks. Japanese walks in wearing one of this surgical masks….????…strutting like he owned the joint. DICK!!!
    So he sits around for a few minutes proudly showing off one of the good girls he draged in and takes the mask off and proceeds to smoke like a chimney!!!!…..ULTIMATE DICK…
    Rock on….

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