House hunting again

Been off the airwaves for a while… nothing much going on.  Work work work.   Arrived back in Thailand on Friday and headed straight to HH.

The usual shenanigans at the airport…   it was so busy – the officials opened up the Fast Track/Premium Lane for any old riff-raff.   The problem with this is – you have not staff at the entrance checking the arrival/departure cards.  So there I was stuck behind a bunch of back-packing half-witts who were filling out their cards at the desk.  Fast-Track my arse.  Although, there was one Thai at her counter who was vicious – she was sending people out of the queue if so much as a flight number was missing.  Love that woman!

Hua Hin.. nothing changes…. except all the houses around me seem to be falling down. Well, the 8ft garden walls that is.

We had heavy rain the other week…  which lead to all the houses around the house I am in – to flood and walls collapse.  For some odd reason the water was channeling around my house!

I had a look in the now abandoned neighbors house…  and I have to say – what a bunch of assholes.  They rent.  As soon as the water started coming in through the glass doors – they had It away on their toes.  They didn’t  think to maybe lift any items from the floor and put them on the bed?  Or maybe even tie a knot in the curtains to save them from soaking up all the muddy rain water?  No.. they just left.

Maybe I am just too nice and thoughtful.

At least I no longer have any neighbors which I can complain about.  Good.

Another good reminder though, why I don’t buy a property in Thailand.   Everywhere I go (looking for new houses) I see them being built by old ladies.    Not the best workmanship I’ve seen.

Luckily.. my house still looks like this.. but for how long?

In May, the lease is due up on my house.  It was up for 50k per month, but we got a discount for long term let.  Two years is enough.  It’s starting to show its age – paint falling off the walls,  wardrobes falling apart and a crack here and there now showing. Time to move on.

Just so happens there is a smaller house about 3 minute walk away which could be just what we need.  It’s not as big as the one we’re in – but then, we don’t need all these empty bedrooms.

We contacted the owner and took a look.  It wasn’t bad at all.   Everything was new – and apart from a family visit here and there – no one has lived there since it was built a few years ago.

Thing is – we don’t need it until Feb 1st.   Which is 2 months away.   It’s been up for rent or sale for the past 6 months.  Surely we can do a deal?

I should have realised I was dealing with an idiot, when the owner introduced himself as ‘Mr Lucky’.  From Oz…   The guy was a nob, so I let Tim call him up.

And it goes a little something like this….

Miss Tim:    Mr. Lucky,  we are interested in renting the house. –  We would like it for a                       minimum of one year as of Feb 1st.  We can give you 1 months deposit now                     and also pay 1 year in advance.

Mr.Lucky:    Strewth, can you not take it now?

Miss Tim:    No, we’re still in our current house.

Mr.Lucky:    Strewth, well just have the two.

Miss Tim:    No. That’s not how this works.

Lucky:         Strewth, you can pay the deposit and the year upfront, but I can’t                                      guarantee it will be available on Feb 1st.

Miss Tim:    You do know what ‘deposit’ means right?

Lucky:         Strewth, If someone comes along before Feb 1st and wants to rent it – I’ll                          give it to them.

(even though it’s been empty for the last year)

Miss Tim:     We want it in Feb.  We’ll give you the months deposit now… which in                               effect gives you the money for January – meaning its just December you’ll                       not get rent for.  And as it’s already December, the likelihood of you                                 renting it right now is very unlikely.

Mr Lucky:     Strewth, like I said,  pay me the money – but there is no guarantee.

Miss Tim:     What’s plastic and goes ‘click’?

Mr Lucky      Strewth, what?

Miss Tim:     ‘Click’

Mr Lucky:     Strewth. Hello?   Are you there Sheila? Hello?  Strewth.

What a dick.   Mr Lucky is lucky that it was Tim on the phone to him and not myself – as I’d have been hurling all sorts of nasty insults at him that I’d not be doing if my Mother was in the same room.

This fool just threw away a years money.   Has he not seen the property market at the moment in HH?  It’s a renters market.  There are houses empty everywhere.

We did think about telling our Landlord to knock 10 large off our rent – and we’ll stay, but to be honest,  I am bored with this house now.  Time to move on.  Besides,  one more major downpour,  and the house might get swept away.

But anyway, I’ve no time to deal with this now…. off to the UK tomorrow for a few weeks – looking for all that Christmas festivity.


Carry on…

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