Tis the Season to be Jolly…. apparently….

It’s that time of year again.  A time that I really like.   Dark,  cold, wet….  that’s how it should be.   Of course, not going to get that in Thailand.

Off to the UK we headed.    Two weeks in the UK – to enjoy the atmosphere, shopping, cold weather – and most of all… the food!

We love the food in the UK..  I am not talking ‘fish n chips’ or ‘pie n mash’… I am referring to all the different cuisines which are available in the UK.  Donner Kebabs,   Tikka Masalas, crispy duck…etc..  all fantastic in the UK.

For the best part of 2 weeks, we had cocktails in the evenings and hit all sorts of restaurants and take-aways.   Evening shopping in the dark, with people scuttling around picking up Christmas gifts all contributed to a great atmosphere.

The UK was cold.  Very cold.  Some snow and lots of ice.  I think that’s the coldest that Miss Tim has ever been.

For me… the two weeks were great.  Met up with friends, family and  kicked back and enjoyed all of the things in the UK that I miss.    I even ventured out into the icey weather to ride my motorbike.  Admittedly, that didn’t last long as my fingers nearly fell off  due to the cold.

Two weeks passed pretty quick and soon enough I was back in Thailand.   Nice.

Landing less than a week ago, I thought Christmas might be nice here.     Relaxing by the pool, some good food and into town in the evenings to soak up some Christmas spirit.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

Forget about the relaxing by the pool.   It turns out that we have an underground water leak.  So my garden is being dug up by a bunch of Thai’s.   When they’re not digging and inspecting pipes.. they’re all sitting around eating.

In town – people seem to be bloody miserable!   Lots of families on holiday – as to be expected, but they seem to be made up of more riff-raff than usual.

Christmas Dinner?   Well,  PRIME Steak Restaurant seems to be the no.1 restaurant here – so I contacted them a few months ago to book a table.      I was told they were closed on the 25th – but there is a big Christmas Eve dinner on the 24th – but hurry…. tickets are almost sold out!

The price was 1800 each.  There were 5 of us.     Arriving at 19:00, the restaurant was hardly full.   The other diners were all made up of tourists.    The table next to us were chain smoking.   We asked the staff why it is they’re allowed to smoke in a restaurant – but was told ‘It’s Christmas so its a free day’!

– Amazing.

Food was utter shite and the other guests would be more at home at feeding time at the zoo.   The Buffett was savaged within minutes.  Dumbass scandanavians using the same Twongs to fill their plate with every bit of food they could find.   Each set of twongs ended up clogged up with crap.

The desert island was being surrounded by kids who thought the big giger-bread house was a toy – so were playing with, touching it and more than once giving the roof a lick.

What’s more – for the 1800bht,   there was no booze included!   Not even a house pour or a glass of wine.  A total waste of money.   There was no way a meal could reach the 800 price tag, let alone 1800.

We were more pissed off when we saw people walk in off the street and were given the usual menus!   We’d have much preferred that!

I can’t say any of us were impressed and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there.

Christmas Day itself was a much non-event.     I instructed Tim to tell the workmen to stay away from the house on the 25th, leaving me to sit around in what looked like a Normandy field during WWII.

Into town in the evening… and to our shock… PRIME Restaurant was open as normal!!  Bastards!!!  They told me it was closed on the 25th!   I’d have much preferred to have gone there on the 25th and had a steak – than go on the 24th and be subjected to the ‘canteen’ environment.

It’s now the 26th.   I had every intention of trying to salvage my Christmas by heading to the beach today.

– woke up to find it’s raining!

Tomorrow I am heading back to work.  GREAT!!!!

I’ve had my fill of Thailand.   I wish I had stayed in the UK.    One thing is for sure – this will be the last time I spend Christmas in Thailand.   With a bit of luck,  2018 will be the last year I spend in Thailand too.

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Tis the Season to be Jolly…. apparently….”

  1. A good Xmas for me but no alcohol. The usual opening presents then a lovely christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Woke up this morning with some snow on the grounds. Now getting ready to head out to Town for a a walk about and maybe a few beers. Hope everyone is having a good one.

  2. Had a great Xmas day. Sat outside a small shop in Ban Chang drinking cheap beers for a few hours then off to a mates place for dinner. Finished the evening at an oddly named (aren’t they all!) Thai music bar.

    1. I had such high-hopes for Christmas. Such a let down.

      Next year I’ll be at work – but the year after? Who knows? I do know it wont be in Thailand though.

      1. yeah sounds shitty just reading it. You do enjoy Xmas at work 😉

        After spending years here nothing is that exciting anymore – at least you can leave.

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