Happy New Year!

Wow… time flies when you’re having fun.   But as this year has dragged like a club foot – does that mean I’ve not had much of a good time?

So what have we all been upto?     Well,  I do have to work 6 months of the year, so that doesn’t leave me long to enjoy myself too much.

At the beginning of the year – Miss Tim and I headed to Phuket.     A nice resort, fantastic views/food – only spoiled by leaving the resort and heading into Patong where it’s full of riff-raff and over-priced food and beverages.    Don’t think we’ll be going back there in a hurry.

Mid-year, Miss Tim and I drove from the UK down to Barcelona.  Stopping off to see friends in France – one of them being ‘Apple’ from the Big Mango.

We liked Barcelona and France.    For some mad reason I did a parachute jump in Barcelona – while Miss Tim sat and watched from terror-firmer.  Wimp!

We opted to drive through France/Spain as I hate all Car Hire companies.  Globally.  No matter what country – they’re all a rip off.  Bastards the lot of them.

Towards the end of the year I went to the UK a few times to catch up with friends and to also pop over to Sweden to see how Jonas is getting on.  We had fun.  I shall be back.

While in the UK,  I treated myself to some new toys.   Some motorbikes and cars.  They’re all safely locked away for the winter and I can’t wait to get back there for the Spring when I can dig them out and go for a drive/ride.

Rounded off the year in the UK seeing friends and family – and then back to Thailand for Christmas.  I am now back at work for New Year – which leaves me thinking about whats in store for next year.

I’ve booked a motorcycle tour across the Himalayas on a Royal Enfield next summer, so that should be interesting.

Need to move house at some point…. somewhere that I don’t have to share with pool cleaners and gardeners.

Also I need to pull my finger out and organise the Pattaya Si 6 bar crawl.  I think we said February for that.

Apart from that….. same ole, same ole.

For me,  2017 was not a bad year at all.   Here is hoping 2018 is just as good if not better.

May 2018 be good year for us all.

Happy New Year!   👿



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year to you all!!
    2018…Bring it on…Here we go again, kicking it off in BKK Jan 8th!
    Rock on.

  2. Happy New Year all. For me, 2017 was a year of ups and downs – mostly ups however so all is good.

    Hoping that 2018 is more of the same or better. Will try and join the pub crawl in Feb if that happens. Will have to start working out the liver now in preparation. LOL

    1. Hi Brian… we’re looking at 10-12th Feb.

      A couple of chaps are flying in especially for it – and I think they’ve booked (or are about to) their flights.

      Hope you can make it!

      (full write-up / invite coming soon)

  3. 2017 Saw me settling into for the 2nd year in my condo in Pratumnak in Pattaya. There is still fun to be had here with some good news bars, BJ bars old style naked dancing GoGo bars and decent G Clubs. There is of course food of the world here. I regard Pattaya as the only true international city in Thailand. Bangkok, which used to be my favourite city has been turned into a joyless shithole. The once interesting walk from Soi 4 to Soi Cowboy is just so depressing now with the social cleaning of the Food stalls, hawkers and vendors and the closing of the late night pop up bars is short sighted bullying. The heavy hand of intrusive, unwanted state micro management. Pattaya has so far escaped this in some respects. I visit other Thai provinces the best of which was my two month travels in Issan following the Rocket festivals. Also mind boggling was the 9 Gods festival in Phuket. The Lopburi monkey feast was fun though unaccountablly cancelled this year at the last minute. The Surin Elephant Round Up was great and I found a great Ska bar There! https://youtu.be/qMiGwoFOqUY
    I leave Pattaya once a month to travel to events such as the Phi ta Khon in Lei or The Naga Fire balls in Nong Khai. My worst experience was Chang Mai. A city under military occupation with bars being forced to shut at by 11pm and full of vegans, gays and top knotters and gormless hipsters.I return to Europe to visit Serbia for the crazy Guca Trumpet festival which shits on the German beer festivals.. I still have my london place but the UK is expensive and driven by political correctness and creeping Sharia compliance. Two months is all i can stand there. All the months of 2018 are mapped with travels to revellry and festivals around Thailand. I have been on a keep fit campaign and reduced my weight from 97k to 75k and my waist from 44 inches to 34 inches. Details of my travels are recorded on my YouTube channel accessed via http://www.dijahtalarts.com/ Happy New Year to all.

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