Pattaya Soi 6 Bar Crawl 11th & 12th Feb – Update 1st Feb


As threatened.… we’re attempting the Pattaya Soi 6 bar crawl.   1 drink in every bar – without exception.

Just like we did in Soi Cowboy a few years back.

Cowboy Part 1Part 2  & Conclusion

There are more bars in soi 6 than there is in Cowboy.   On the Cowboy crawl, there were only a few people left standing if I recall.    So this time,  we’re spreading it over 2 days.

The Cowboy run was a hoot – and we made new friends.  I don’t expect this one to attract as many people – but even if it’s just a handful of people – it will sure enough be a giggle.

The plan is to start around lunchtime on Sunday 11th Feb – going into the night and crashing out somewhere (many cheap hotels on soi 6) and then reconvening on the 12th – powering on till the finish.   – All departing Patts (if you want to) on the 13th after breakfast where we can share our battle scars.

Everyone welcome of course.

Oh.. and if you don’t think you can handle drinking that much – there is always the option to have a soft-drink or a shot of that girly Tequila Rose stuff.    As long as you’ve had a drink – you can make claim to say you’ve completed the Soi 6 bar crawl.

Approx 60 bars.   If you budget for 150bht a drink = 9000.  Plus accommodation, food(?) and any ‘extras’ you may want.    – It still works out cheaper than a night out in Nana.

Rolln…  I tried booking you a flight.. but the website asks for Name/Surname.   It won’t accept  ‘ROLLN’!

****  Update! ****

We had a little discussion – about how are we going to write it up.  Do we even want to write it up?  If we did,  would it be about the bar, or about the group having a laugh?

But then,  if we wanted to record events, how could we do that?  The Notes app on our phones?  Hmm.. how many people would have flat batteries or lose a phone?   And after 30 bars.. who is going to be able to operate a phone?

We did think of hiring a ‘scribe’.  Someone who’s only task would be to take notes – have a few drinks of course – but mainly soft.  They have a job to do after all!

Then it was suggested.. why not barfine a girl to take notes?  Swap her out every 10 bars or so?  hmmm, not sure her writing skills would be up to it?

So at the moment we are not sure if or how we are going to record the goings on.  Maybe I’ll just take a little notebook and we can all take turns in jotting down a few notes?  Might be more fun that way?

Suggestions welcome….


It’s all coming together…. I’ve just got word that Kiwi Mike is coming in from New Zealand – for 4 days for the crawl.

We’ve now booked hotels…  it’s all coming together.. ready for a 3pm kick off on the 11th.

Reason it’s 3pm.. is because my Ferry arrives at 2pm.. and I need to get to the starting line.


Lots to do, little time to do it in

Thanks to the guys at Bangkok-Eyes for providing the above map!

22 thoughts on “Pattaya Soi 6 Bar Crawl 11th & 12th Feb – Update 1st Feb”

  1. I’ll have to sit this one out…back to Mali on 5 Feb.
    There’s always a next time.
    Looking forward for the write up!

  2. Also.. in each bar.. as we finish our drinks – we can all come up with a brief summary of the bar – for the write up which will follow.

    Love that iPhone App!

  3. I’m definitely in Graham …..

    A drinker back in your old site on Scott Street in Soi 4 BKK. I’m in Pattaya between 3rd and 18th February, staying in Soi LK, and a regular on the six and I’ve always fancied having a crack at this crawl.

    Let me know which bar you will be starting in and I’ll see you there !

    1. Hi Matt – that’s fantastic news!

      We shall be starting on Sunday 11th. Approx 2pm at the 1st bar on the corner. I’ll confirm nearer the time, but pencil that one in.

      This is shaping up to be a good crawl!

      Our pal Kiwi Mike is flying in from New Zealand just for this. We met Kiwi Mike when he joined us on the Cowboy Crawl. I am not sure if this means we’re a cool bunch to hang out with… or Mike is a sad bastard with no friends? I like to think we’re a cool bunch.

  4. Hey guys, would love to participate in the bar crawl. Haven’t been there in almost 10 years. Now planning my trip for April, mostly with the map at, which I think is a bit newer than the one up here in the post. I’ll subscribe and see if there’s anything planned around Songkran, though I really doubt I (or anyone?) can do anything close to 60 bars. 😉

    1. Hi Jefferson. Can’t say we’re fans of Songkran – infact, most people I know head out of Thailand during that time!

      As for the crawl… it’s shaping up. Should be fun. Thanks for the updated info. I am guessing that any differences to the maps will mostly just be different names above the doors. Maybe another 7/11 has been how-horned in somewhere?

      60 bars over 2 days should be achievable. If we plan for 20mins max per bar… 3 bars an hour. 30 over 10 hours… Should be fine. There are some LB bars which I for one don’t intend to be hanging around in. It’ll be in… get it down my neck and out. Drink that is. That’ll give us 15 minutes to go back on the clock. It’s not like we’re a bunch of drunken idiots who don’t have a clue about moderation and discipline. Oh wait.. hang on a minute…

      There was a suggestion… that we employ the services of Lomeo to be our Scribe and general organiser. He could take notes of each bar, keep an eye on the clock and give us direction on when to leave and when to slow the pace down. The job offer is in the post.. he’s yet to respond!

      Getting that warm fuzzy feeling already!

      1. We are going to try and finish up early on the second day… so we can hit Walking Street too.

        Need to recruit someone to take notes throughout the night – as I feel we’ll all be a bunch of incoherent idiots by bar 20. Or bar 10 for some of us.

  5. Oh man, that’s gonna be a whole lot of human wreckage, i love it. 60 drinks, hmm i don’t know. But 30 drinks per day with the crawl lasting 2 days, that sounds doable with the proper priming of course…

  6. Only two options to put proceedings on record:

    1. Hire a quill-penned Elizabethan-era Puritan (guaranteed sobriety) to document on parchment (beer proof)
    2. Hat-cam. Refer to option 1 once footage is downloaded

    Youre welcome.

    I recommend Retox bar on Soi Diana for breakfast. In November ’17 They were doing full British breakfasts for 99baht – top quality ie British/Irish meat, big portions.
    Big screen coverage of us getting corn-holed in the Ashes came free with breakfast.

  7. Are we all set?

    I shall be in Bangkok tomorrow and Saturday – then heading to Pattaya on Sunday morning.
    Meeting at Scooters on soi 6 13:30

  8. Quiet night last night – in preparation for today.

    Just about to have breakfast in Bangkok before heading down the road to Pattaya.

    I get the feeling this will be the only meal for today.

    See you chaps at Scooters at lunchtime!

  9. Twatted ! Only kiwi Mike and I still going!

    21:15…. near the end of soi 6…. need help!

  10. What were we thinking?

    Who’s crazy (stupid) idea was it to do a bar crawl down Soi 6?

    Half the job completed.

    Not sure if people are still alive to carry on with the other side of the Soi today?

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