I’m Back!!!

Sorry chaps and chapesses!

Been in Iraq for the last 4 weeks and comms have been down.  Something broke or snapped somewhere – meaning all our internet was being channeled through an old flux capacitor which wasn’t that great.  Resulting in Business Only websites able to be accessed.

Since leaving Iraq last Thursday – I have been making good use of my time –  and this morning I have just woken up in my own bed.

Blurred memories of speeding through Dubai in a Tesla, meeting up with some old Mango bar faces, a $2000 bar bill and doing Single Malt whisky shots.

And throwing up.  It always ends in throwing up.

I’ll have a ponder and figure out if any of the last 4 days is worth sharing.  In the mean time, I’ll access my cloud and crack on with part 2 of the Soi 6 bar crawl.

You’ve been patient…  now just need to you be a little more patient!





4 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!”

  1. $2000 bar bill! Christ your social circle is bigger than mine.
    Looking forward to Part 2 of the Soi 6 crawl.
    Part 1 was a right hoot.

  2. Hopefully you had also fun for two grand.
    If yes, you live only once. Live your life and spend your money. The last shirt doesn’t have pokets.

    1. I am sure I did have fun. It’s just the next 3 days of pain that gets me.

      Luckily the $2000 bar bill was split between 3 of us (phew) or I’d have not been a happy bunny.

      1. reminds me of the $5000 dollar bar bill we got about a year or so back when we went out with russ and a couple of my friends to that russian club at the moscow hotel… that was a fun night

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