Hanging in Dubai and Bangkok….

Where does the time go these days?!

A little catch-up….

I am fortunate that my company flies me Business Class to and from work. When I am paying from my pocket, I’ll fly economy. Luckily that due to the amount of flying I do, I usually have plenty of air miles to upgrade myself.

After a month away at work, I thought I’d treat myself to 1st class on the Emirates flight to Dubai. And why not?

The best part of 1st class (apart from the doors you can close for some privacy) is they give you Dom Perignon. As I was the only passenger at the pointy end of the plane, it was down to me to polish off as much as I could of it.

Embarrassingly, I could only manage 6 glasses and I was sizzled. That stuff us rocket fuel.

Forget going out on the Thursday night…. Straight to my pit as Friday I had a Brunch to attend.

For those not familiar with the Dubai Friday Brunches.. they are somewhat a bit of an institution in Dubai. Most expats head out to one of the many hotels/bars/restaurants for several hours of stuffing your face with food and booze. Depending on where you go, you can expect to pay from 2000 to 6000 bht.   It may seem like a lot, but I am sure you lot can eat and drink that much in 4 hours?

I prefer the cheaper end of the scale – as everyone just gets trashed and has a really good laugh.   Everyone gets dolled up and look as glamorous as can be. After 4 hours it’s a different picture entirely.

Value for money….

Not really sure why they call it Brunch – as they run from lunchtime – to around 4pm. So not really a Brunch at all?

After Brunch you are so wasted that when some idiot suggests we all go to another bar –you think it’s a good idea. (o.k, it may have been my suggestion).

We headed to a lounge type outside bar. You know the sort – where the music has no words and everyone thinks they are cooler than they are.   I think these places are awful if truth were told. All the people there are false. They are only there because they think it’s cool and want to plaster facebook with as many pictures of themselves being ‘cool’. Twats.

Of course we were cool. So cool so that we got ourselves a VIP table/sofa at a mad cost of a large bottle of Grey Goose.   Being in the VIP section kept us away from the rif-raff. Or so we thought.   Oh no, we were like moth to a flame. Many, many Brit trash came over to us – trying to snag a corner of the sofa or a cheeky drink.   The pretty girls managed it. The lads… well, I think I need not explain what happened to them.

After getting needlessly more trashed and losing several people from the group, my pal and I decided to head elsewhere. The bill was just over $2000. Again, total rip-off. I really hate these places. When I think of what I can get in Bangkok for $2000. That’s like a whole night on the town – not just a few hours.

At this point I realized that we had mistaken ‘drunk’ for being ‘cool’. When I look back all I can think is what a bunch of twats we were for doing that.

Luckily for me – the people I was with are not cheap bastards – and were good for their share, so it’s not like it was all down to my pal and I. It makes a change from having to ‘sponsor’ so called mates in Thailand as they drink their own bodyweight in booze and then reveal they’ve no money.

Out of the VIP Club – into a waiting Tesla. My god these things are fast. Charging down Sheik Zayed Road in the Tesla with a buzz-on. That WAS cool.

Groovy dash in the Tesla

Some more bars, loads more money – the usual.   It brought back memories of my time in Dubai but really hit home how false and expensive the place is.

I enjoyed my time when I was living in Dubai – but thank fuck I am no longer there. Too many tossers and wannabes there. Thinking they’re the nuts when they’re scraping to get by.

Thank fully the night passed without me throwing up. Quite rare these days.   10am on the Saturday morning my Emirates car picked me up and took me to the airport – heading to Thailand.

I was meeting up with the boys in Bangkok that night.

My pal Russ (the guy I worked and played with when we lived in Dubai) has moved to Thailand, so he was waiting for me in Bangkok.

Another pal ‘Brooklyn’ (guess where he is from?) met us at a bar and we all had a few scoops.   Probably too many. We had to take it easy as Sunday we had all arranged to meet at Hooters for the F1 opening race.

Keeping it sensible… we all headed home at a reasonable hour.   Except for Brooklyn that is. He went off into the night to fight crime. Or fight for Crime. Or maybe just fight?   We don’t really know what he gets upto after hours into the deep dark night. What we do know is, that Gotham is a much quieter place since he moved to Bangkok.

Staying at Sukhumvit Grande on soi 6 (not bad – except for the Chinese have taken it over). Nice big comfy suite. Lovely big bed. The only thing to spoil it was the sound of Miss Tim chucking her guts up in the bathroom.   Lightweight.

Miss Tim was out the previous night with her little girl-gang. I believe Jaigermeister was involved.

Hooters at 12.

This place seems to have gone down the crapper a bit.   We had to ask if we could watch the F1 – on one of their many, many TV’s which were showing other sports which no one was watching. Surely they would have arranged to show the opening F1 race instead of some old golf tournament?

Food was mediocre and over-priced – as always.   Gamblin Man, Russ, Brooklyn (+ wives and girlfriends) all joined.     We watched the race but were soon more interested in having a drink.

From Hooters, we headed to the new Raj Hotel complex. (is there a name for this area?) Hilary 19 or whatever its called was our 1st stop.   Sitting inside for a bit of aircon – but soon wished we hadn’t. One of the units was a bit worse for wear.. and was making a hell of a racket. They have loads of AC units, so why not turn the knackered one off? It was so noisy that we didn’t stay long.

4pm sees some of the old Mango Bar patrons meet up in soi 8, so I thought I’d be cool to meet up. ‘Spats’ had hung out with us Russ and I in Dubai, so thought it’d be good to have a catch-up drink.   And it was.

Sunday afternoon drink with the chaps was good. Good laugh and good to catch up.   In true form, Spats had to go home to the wife after a few hours.

Another old face from the past ‘BP’ was also out – celebrating his anniversary. We persuaded him to keep going and off we went to soi 20 (I think?) to some of the bars down that little soi.

It was good to see BP again – and good to see that he is doing well. There are SO MANY people from the past which turned out to be a bunch of spongers and losers – that it’s good to see people that aren’t.

You know who I am talking about.. the people who would opt for an expensive drink if they’re not buying, the ones that go to a bar because of the free food and not any other time.   The list goes on.

For some reason BP (I think?) ordered shots of Single Malt Whisky.   I am not sure why? I can’t/don’t drink Whisky.   I drank it.   I would regret that later.

A few bars later – we were all drunk. BP headed off home but was replaced by Brooklyn who had disappeared for a few suspicious hours.

Russ who has the drinking capabilities of a 12 year old girl (I imagine?) was worse for wear and needed taking home. GM was missing his girlfriend in the flesh – as his Live Facebook chat was not enough for him so off he went.

After throwing up in the bar toilets (thank you whisky), Russ and I headed back to the hotel.   Tomorrow we were off home to Hua Hin.

I emptied out my pockets and to my delight there was a load of cash. Cash I wouldn’t have had if I had been out in Dubai. Money I wouldn’t have had if I were out with spongers and losers.

I was happy to be back in Thailand

– for now.

8 thoughts on “Hanging in Dubai and Bangkok….”

  1. Well…I am happy to be back here as well. In Suphan with HCC now. She also hates dickheads in Suck to throw water at her and as far as I go, if some Farang idiot does it to me he will end up with a broken nose 🙂
    How long will you be in town G?

    1. Currently in Dubai (again).

      Everywhere is ‘dry’ after 6pm. How crap is that?

      Glad to no be in Bangkok with all those twats chucking water around.

      Ask half of them about the origin of the festival and they won’t have a clue. They just want to chuck water over people.


      1. yes…correct. The idea is to use the water to wash the Buddah statue and the use it to bless each other….But what do I know:-)…buying a stupid plastic gun and use it on strangers is not quite the original intent..
        Anyway, can buy booze here every day so happy days…Rock on….

        1. oK, that’s the story behind the bill with 2k$.
          Sounds like some fun.

          One of the reasons for me to get to BKK in May instead of April are the stupid watergames I the streets.

          Btw… Flying first could also combined with some caviar as starter. During my fly times LH served a lot of the black fisheggs.;-)

          1. Some people with jobs and want to come here have schedules.
            I have survived Sonkran quite happy by staying away from all the bullshit…..

  2. Every songkran I leave. Now in Hainan China, last year Saigon, brilliant, year before North Vietnam, before that PI AC..Pattaya is ten days of cuntishness

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