On the move again…..

We looked at a house the other month. The photos looked great. Real nice and relaxing.

A bit of me that….

When I went to view it – I was shocked. They had obviously used photoshop to make it look appealing. The whole area is a building site. There was no road to get to the house – just a muddy/dusty path. Not impressed. Not impressed at all.

What will that be like during rainy season?

Real Estate agents here are stupid. Why do they waste so much time and money – showing people houses which are nothing like the houses advertised? Do they think people will accept something which clearly is not as described?

Building site view

Who is paying the bill for the Agent to show me around? The fuel, the car, the insurance, phone calls and the physical time? Who pays for that? How can they expect to cover these costs when showing people houses which they are not expecting to see.

The house we currently have is showing it’s age. The paint is falling off all the walls around the pool/garden. It’s not something I like to look at.

Two of the three bedrooms are not used – except for somewhere for Miss Tim to put her clothes and shoes.

I want to down-size. Two bedrooms and no pool. I am fed up with the pool cleaners / gardeners in the garden more than I am. I am the only one that uses the pool – so I think it’s a waste. If there is a 2 bed house with a Communal pool then I’d be happy.

So.. we asked the Agent…. Two beds and no pool. Easy right?

Not long after, we got a call about a house… 5 beds and massive pool. What is it I am doing wrong?

The houses which the Agent gave us info on were all rubbish. Honestly, I don’t know how these people are in business. This sub-standard would not be acceptable in the UK that’s for sure.

I took it upon myself to find a place. An hour later I found it.

New(ish) house. three beds (2 beds and 1 office). Communal pool which is a 30 second walk and also has a gym/club house.

Rent was not a lot which is also a bonus.


Deal done 10 mins after I saw the house.

Had to handover 2 months deposit because we have cats.  As we all know, it’s rare to ever get a deposit back, so I was not happy about this.  Having said that, my cats are little bastards and will probably wreck the place.

They’re ready to wreck the new house.

Looking forward to next month when I can sit in the Jacuzzi with my ice-coffee and kick back for the month.

13 thoughts on “On the move again…..”

  1. I agree. Private pools just seem like an extra hassle and expense. A communal one seems like the way to go. I presume you are still in Hua Hin?

    1. Yeah – Still in Hua Hin.

      Must be 5 years now?

      Doesn’t seem to have changed much / at all.

  2. Wow, at least it’s not San Francisco, where they advertise 3 bedrooms, but its really 1 bedroom, divided into 2, and the 3 is really a large closet. All legit.

    G, you change your email? didn’t hear back last time.

  3. 5 years since I last visited Thailand (Mar and Sept 2013). Doesn’t seem that long ago though. So 5 years since you handed back the keys of The Mango. Time flies. I used to visit twice every year until the money dried up. That all changes next year though as I officially retire. I’ll be heading over in September 2019 for a month with a view to moving over for good. The first time I visited Hua Hin was 2005 and that was always going to be my choice to live but I’m not so sure now. Cha-am maybe but I’m also thinking of the bigger cities in Issan. Who knows.

  4. HeHe…you would not believe how long it took me to buy an air con yesterday…2 hrs. I have never seen so much paperwork in my life. Ended up going downstairs to buy a couple of beers to pass the time….then, I said that I wanted to buy a washing machine as well since I was there.
    Started all the paper work again…and instead of putting the purchase on one bill, it had to be paid separate.
    After doing some grocery shopping HCC decided she wanted to buy a fan….so I am writing this from the place where you go when you die…because I jumped from the 3rd floor and landed in a pile of Durian…
    But just for your info, all the booze is free here but there are no virgins….
    And there is still Motorhead……….Rock on……………

  5. You have my sympathies. I’m thinking of selling my London gaff and moving to the Kent coast..but it seems such a stress. Estate agents are not that much better in the UK.

      1. Surely YP is working in a chicken factory in Suffolk somewhere? Hard to believe he is still living in BKK. Werewolf may be still there and while we are reminiscing, such a shame the old mango forum closed down, some great reads. I re-read some of the ROLLN archives a few months back, hard to believe he is still alive, but he does indeed seem to be, judging by the above comment he posted.

        1. Actually, I know exactly where they all are!

          YP is living with his Mummy…(currently on holiday in Thailand), WW is still teaching – realising he has no future ahead of him as he enters the old age phase of his life and Rolln… well, he’s still Rollin.

          I am in regular contact with Rolln. I am hopefully popping over to see him later this year.

  6. If you want the job to be done, send your best man. Do it by yourself.
    You should know that…

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