Frustrated in Hua Hin

Still waiting on the house deposit.   The Agent has informed us that filling/painting the drilled holes in the wall which mounted the TV will cost 2500.  That’s fine.  They will prepare an invoice for us.  That’s fine.

I am interested to see if they actually give us the invoice and expect us to pay that before we are given the 40k+ deposit.    I almost hope they do – so I can go nuts at them.

It’s been a month since we moved out of the old house.  Each time we ask the Agent, they say they’ll ask the Landlord.  I have repeatedly told Miss Tim to TELL the Agent that we want our deposit back.   I have a tin of paint and a bottle of fairy liquid waiting just waiting to be chucked in the swimming pool if they refuse.

Hua Hin is pretty quiet at the moment.  Rainy season seems to be upon us.  Can’t say I am impressed.  Luckily I am off to work next week.

Last week I headed over to the Philippines to see GM.  Good time.  I shall write up a report when I can piece it all together.

Tomorrow, I am heading over to Pattaya for the night.  Ferry booked tomorrow afternoon, returning on Saturday afternoon.   A one-night blow out.  Can’t get into too much trouble in 1 night surely.

In Hua Hin – with the weather being a bit cooler – Miss Tim and I have taken to early morning cycling.    There is a nice little Bakery down the road – about 10km away.   The idea is to set off at 7am (it opens at 8am)  – get some fresh bread and come home and have coffee and french bread (bacon butty) on the veranda.

As we were making good time – Miss Tim suggested we took a side road for a bit more of a ride.  Bastard road went 20km before joining a main road.

Eventually when we got to the main road – there is a very nice cycle path which runs for miles alongside the main road.  Plenty of signs that say ‘Cycles Only’.  It’s safe and smooth.

Of course, this is Thailand.  So this Cycle Only path is full of asshole Thai’s on their motorbikes.  This really made me angry – so I made sure I got in their way.  I then hurled abuse at them, pointing at the Cycle Only signs.   What good did that do?  None.

Miss Tim doesn’t see what my problem is.  I tried to explain that as a motorbike can ride along a cycle path, then is a bloody great lorry also acceptable?

After an hour of failing to get anyone of these assholes to engage in some unarmed combat – we reached the Bakery.   It was closed.   Of course it was.  It was a Wednesday.  Just because the website says it’s open at 8am every day, and the sign on the door says it’s open every day – who are we to assume it’d be open?

Off home we went.  Just under 40km clocked up.  No bread and pent up anger for these assholes riding their motorcycles on the cycle path.   I often hear people just say ‘this is Thailand’ – but I don’t think ‘TIT’ is an acceptable excuse for being an idiot.

Not much else on the agenda until I go back to work (via Dubai) next week.  Except for trading one of the bikes in.    Five years ago we purchased a new PCX150.  Great little bike which has never let us down.  It’s now got 17000km on the clock at gets serviced every 3 months.  Not sure what their ‘service’ involves – as they seem to do it in 15 minutes, so I just assume they squirt oil on the right bits.

5 years of my ownership – and it’s better condition that 1 year of Thai ownership.

The PCX is still in fantastic condition.  Why trade it in?  Well,  I can hear things.  Worn rings, things knocking and blowing.   It’s not the quiet sewing machine sounding engine it once was.   I could just have the engine re-built.  If I had the tools and could be bothered, I’d do it myself.  But I don’t.   As for putting it in a shop here, well, I just don’t have the confidence in these people.   That just leaves trading it in for a new machine.

The way I see it, a new bike versus another weekend in Angeles City…. hmmm.. it’s a close one…








6 thoughts on “Frustrated in Hua Hin”

  1. I’ve often found myself in want with regards to personal resources whilst in the kingdom. I have an impressive arsenal of tools that took many many years to acquire. Aside from every hand tool a master mechanic would ever use I’ve got every power, cordless, impact driver, drills, saws, hell I’ve even got a small endmill! I don’t use them much as of late but it’s certainly a confidence builder knowing you’ve got the tool to do almost anything.

  2. Seems to me they confused income stream with deposit. Good luck getting it back, I hope you do. Actually, I hate to say it, I hope you don’t, the consequences of that will be much more fun for your readers than “yeah, got the deposit back”. Seriously, good luck, that’s a big lump 40k…hopefully justice will prevail…1 month already, naughty bastards.

    1. Fairy Liquid is a concentrated washing-up liquid.

      A few drops washes a whole pile of dishes!. Maybe I should have said Bubble-bath?!

      Still no sign of a deposit. We keep hearing ‘this week’… Star-Property are a bunch of clowns.

      When it’s time for my rent – they are on time. Miss Tim did tell them if they don’t return our deposit, then we’ll not pay our rent. This isn’t right as it’s not the fault of our new landlord.

      One thing is for sure.. when the current lease is up – I’ll either be heading back to the UK or staying on – but direct with the Landlord. Star Property are dead to me.

  3. Graham, come on tell us what happened with the deposit? The suspense is growing.

    Being Thailand, one can guess that nothing has happened. Like someone else has commented, in one warped way I also hope you do not get it, so we can see the pictures of Fairy Liquid in action in the pool, all the 40k’s worth of it..

    1. Turns out the problem is with the Agent! They have a ‘cash-flow’ problem and want to pay in installments. Never heard of that before. So as much as I’d have liked to have taken my revenge, it’s not the fault of the previous landlord. Likewise, Miss Tim told the Agent that she’ll not be paying rent this month, as they owe us money. I did explain to her that it’s not the problem/fault of our new landlord, so that is not fair and can see us get hoofed out. (why do I bother trying to explain to Thai’s?)

      Anyway, I think the next step will be to contact my Landlord and strike up a deal to go direct with him when my current lease expires. I don’t want to deal with Agents who are a bunch of amateurs.

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