Update from the Himalayas!

A little update from (or near) Tibet.

No internet for a week. Madness.

The ride has been tough. Really tough. Landslides, river crossings, crashes, falling rocks etc… I feel beat to shit.

Almost over. Tomorrow I head to Dubai and Thailand the day after. Looking forward to a nice big fluffy towel and a hot bath.

Loads of great photos I’ll share when I am back to civilisation.

if you get a moment – lookup the most dangerous roads in the world – India.    You’ll see what I’ve been upto.

Getting high…

4 thoughts on “Update from the Himalayas!”

  1. Currently sitting in the Emirates lounge in Dubai. Heading home to Hua Hin.

    I am shattered.

    Looking forward to a few days sitting by the pool and relaxing.

  2. Glad to hear you made it out in one piece Graham.
    I am half way through binge watching Season 3 of Bear Grylls Man v Wild. Sounds like you might have had something in common with him with this trip. (Just hope it didn’t involve you eating various bugs/insects/snakes raw!).

    1. All good on the trip. Only nearly died a couple of times. I have come to learn that Indian drivers are the worst there is. I’d happily kick them all off the side of a mountain.

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