Riding over the Himalayas – Pt 4

If you’ve read the other parts – you can tell that it was a pretty tough slog.

Accommodation, food, weather, bikes roads… all shite.

So what was good? It can’t be all bad right? Well, the views were amazing. The photos don’t really capture the awe you get when standing on the edge of a cliff.

Here are a collection of some of my photos which you might like. And if you don’t, then let’s see your photos shall we?

I would love nothing more than to drag these Truck driving assholes out of their windows and beat them with their own flip-flops.  Assholes, the lot of them.  Can’t drive for shit and were driving as fast as they could.  Total lack of consideration for any other road user.  It’s no wonder they call these the most dangerous roads in the world.

They’re all in a hurry.

Not sure what was going on in this one.  It was like a game of chicken.  They both came to a halt and just stayed there.  Luckily we could go round the side of them (just).  Just a normal sight on the roads.

Clean your windows mister?

We passed many waterfalls.   At one point I got off my bike and washed all the shit off my boots and bike trousers.  It was no colder than the showers we had in our tents.

I thought it was quite resourceful when I saw a group of people cleaning their cars under one of them.  All well and good, but having seen that, there is no excuse for them smelly bastards to not get under the water themselves.

And not one Polish person in sight

There were stages of road which had a view that made you just stop and take it all in.  This long ride along a valley was just amazing.

Where is the nearest 7-11?

With all the riders at different paces.. we all took photos which captured other riders in the distance.   The shot below is pretty cool.  Could be any of us.  Except Huggy.  He always had the Sweeper vehicle close behind him.

Could be on MARS…

One of the rare pictures taken behind Huggy.  He did like to take things steady.  Don’t know what he was scared of?  It’s only a little drop over the side….

Watch out for bears.

The guy below ‘Samba’ was the Point man.  He would lead us the way.  He drove like a nutter and it was hard keeping up with him.  One of the afternoons on a long fast run I thought I’d give him a run for his money.  I stayed right on his tail and he couldn’t shake me.  In the end he went down – smashing his lights, mirrors and bent his handle bars.  The main damage was to his pride though.  I picked his bike up for him while he got himself together.    I promised not to tell the other guys in the support group about his crash.

Another day at work

The mechanics were pretty good.  However,  I had some problems with my bike which they struggled with.  A couple guys from the group test rode my bike and said it was dangerous and unrideable.  They couldn’t figure out how I was riding it (so well!)  I complained to the mechanics – that it was either fuel starvation or electrics.  Try the HT Leads from the Plugs I told them.

They checked it out – and hey presto – the leads were faulty.  At mid-high revs the bike would splutter and cut out.  The only thing I could do was use a higher gear and chose different riding lines.  This was a little on the dangerous side as bike was going faster in places that it should.  Anyway, once it was fixed – I was a happy bunny.

Wheel change in under 4 mins.

And we’re done.   Ride over.  No one died.   We had a days rest in a craphole called Leh.  Russ, Huggy and I all had a drink with the gang and spoke of the ups and downs and what tours/challenges we faced ahead of us.

They were a real good bunch of people.   Since the ride we’ve all been ‘group’ e-mailing and sharing photos.  Once we have all the photos, of course we’ll all forget about each other. That’s how this normally works.

Done.. I want to go home now.

With the ride over with – I couldn’t wait to get to a decent hotel.  All I wanted was a big fluffy white towel and a hot bath.  And food.  And wifi.   And a shave.

I’ve been asked if I was glad I did it – and would I do it again?

Yes, I am glad I did it.  It was a fantastic experience.  I loved the riding.  The rest was shite.

Would I do it again?  No.  Even if it were free.  I don’t see the point in doing it again.

What was the best road of the entire trip?   Easy….. the runway!

I flew 1st Class back to Bangkok.  I needed it.  It was the best sleep, food, shower, and wifi I’d had in a while.

Home James…

Most of my bitching and moaning were mainly for comedic purposes.  I couldn’t help making sarcastic or derogatory remarks when really I should have been overwhelmed by it all.  That’s just me.  I am not easily impressed.

So it was only right that when I was given the menu, I took a photo and sent it to Russ and Huggy with the caption “I hate Caviar”


Russ, Huggy and I are now planning our next trip.  Route 66 with some detours.   Starting in NYC – and ending up in Santa Monica.   There will also be a visit to Roswell, Huntingdon Beach, Vegas and Malibu.  Of course,  the last day will be spent drinking in L.A.

Who’s in?

That’s all folks!













11 thoughts on “Riding over the Himalayas – Pt 4”

  1. A couple of good posts. I spent some time in the mountains there when I was younger,mostly smoking shit loads of dope, and watching my fingernails grow longer. The bus trip up and back is easily one of the scariest thing I have done in my life. I am glad to see they have upgraded the roads since then😬 Anyway you have done it,have the photos,and some good stories to tell in your dotage. Cheers.

    1. Not sure I’d be brave enough to get on a bus there. Actually, I am sure. I’d deffo not get on a bus.

      I did see some car/truck/bus wreckages. I didn’t take photos of them – as to me it looked like a scene where people had died. Bit morbid.

      My staff (India) asked me if it was my 1st trip to India. – er… yeah? Who in their right mind would go there twice?

    1. At one point.. when I was so exhausted, struggling for oxygen.. I thought I was gonna kick the bucket! I even got to the point where I was ready to smash my phone with a rock with my last dying breath!

  2. What with this trip and the Soi 6 bar crawl you are clearly a man who likes living dangerously. Not sure which of the 2 experiences was more dangerous to your health!

  3. Good to see you made it out alive, welcome back to civilization! If you DO do Rt 66, DO NOT go up the Rt 666 spur. They say bad things happen up there! 😉

    1. Route 666? Sounds like my kind of place. My kind of people are probably there. Plus, I heard that’s where Rolln lives.

      The selling point for me – for Route 66 – is that we’ll be able to eat Burgers and Steaks each night.. then find a strip club for some beers.

      Or even better, a strip club that serves steak?.

  4. Great trip report. Spend at week at Christmas time a few years back up in Leh, in Ladakh province in the Himalayas. Flew in, so didn’t have quite the adventure in getting there as you did.

    Had a guide take me and my buddy around. This guy was bounding up the steps of the temples, etc. and we were shuffling along like 100 year old, 4 pack a day smokers!

    Boggled my mind how people survive up there. Like a moonscape. What do you grow, what do you eat, what do you do???

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    1. Leh, Ladakh.. yeah… I have the memories burned into my mind now. If someone said I could go and do the whole thing again – for free, I’d tell them to ram it. Soft fluffy blankets and room service is all I want from now on.

  5. That was great, thanks for sharing. Wish i had read this earlier. No one else complains and make you smile like G does… haha

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