Soi 4 with Stickboy

Gone are the days where I get excited about soi 4.  O.K, it may have taken 10 years, but we all knew it’d happen eventually.

For me the appeal went when all the fun went.

The people are different.  I don’t want to hang out in a place over-run with Middle-eastern folk.  They are not fun to be around.

And I don’t particularly like spending time in bars which is full of old hags trying to ponce drinks off you.  No,  soi 4 has changed (for me) and it’s not a place I enjoy like I used to.  It would take a special occasion for me to show my face.

That said, the opportunity arose to embark on a drinking session with Stickboy.  Stickboy and I have crossed paths on the odd occasion before, we know many of the same people – and share a lot in common when it comes to a night out.   Yep,  I’ll happily head to Soi 4 to hang out with Stickyboy.

The plan was to meet in Morning Night at around 18:30.      I arrived with Miss Tim into soi 6 (Citrus Suites) at lunchtime.   Still liking this hotel – although I see it’s fast becoming a favourite for the Chinese.

Time to stuff our faces.   I used to like Chequres.  LOVED their sausage sarnies.   However, as we approached we saw the kind of people sitting at the front of the bar who I don’t like to be near.  They were the old failed expats who drift from one happy-hour to the next.   I’ve no desire to be around these people.  I can now identify these losers by their footwear.  If they wear flip-flops, then they’re a knob.

I thought I’d give Hanrahans a look.   Food has always been good when I’ve been there.  Service was absolute shite but the food was o.k.   One thing that pisses me off though… is when the staff come and just stand near your table.  Why do they do that?  Is it only me that feels uncomfortable when having staff standing very close to you when eating?  Maybe they are fascinated by my ability to use a knife AND fork at the same time?  Or that I have an amazing talent whereby the prongs of my fork never face upwards.  Yes, even when eating peas.  Come on people, were you brought up or dragged up?

Back to the hotel for an afternoon nap with Miss Tim.   She’d arranged to see her pals so I was gf free for the evening.

After a shower and head polish I headed to Morning Night Bar.  Stickboy was going to be 10 mins late.  No worries.   Morning Night was pretty busy so I was ushered to a middle table which I had to share with some ugly trog.  I would have preferred a road side seat – but they were taken by girls who were also glued to their phones.  I didn’t feel like complaining. Instead just sat quietly and drank my drink.

I did notice that lots of the girls had pictures of their kids on their phones – and a lot of those kids looked like Jonas……

Stick arrived.  After a few kisses and cuddles (not with me) – he let go of the waitress so she could go get his drinks.   We had a catch up and downed more than a few drinks.

The trog that was sitting with us made no attempt to cadge a drink from us.  She did provide an ashtray and did wipe up some drink that I spilled.    I can’t remember what she did now, but she said or did something that had both Stick and I in agreement that she deserved a drink.  She was most appreciative.

We prefer this type of attitude.  If a girl is nice and polite, friendly but not pushy – they’ll get a drink.  Just like you would any of your pals.   Think about it ,you  (well not all of you) freely offer your pal a drink if you see them, but if your pal walked up and demanded a drink, you’d probably tell them to ‘do one’.

Anyway – 4 or 5 drinks in, we headed to the next bar.   It wasn’t far – it was the Stumble Inn!

Now, I’ll admit I have not always been a fan of the Stumble Inn.  On the past occasions I have ordered a top shelf vodka and been served it in what I would regard as a lady drink glass.  A small, thin glass tumbler.  No.  Premium liquor should be served in a thick glass tumbler!     The last 2 visits I was disappointed.  This time – no such issue.  Big fat chunky glass full of Grey Goose.  Perfect.

We sat and chatted to the English Manager. Nice guy.  He was having dinner which looked pretty good.  In fact, very good.  I thought the Stumble Inn was just deep fried shite and rice – but oh no, this looked like a home cooked meal.  I shall give it a try next time I am there.  It’s on my radar.

It wasn’t just the tumbler and the food that I noticed was different.  The staff were pretty good too.  I don’t mean the girls that sit on stools glued to their phone and expect a drink for doing nothing – I am referring to the waiting / service staff.   I stand by my previous comments that I was less than impressed with Stumble Inn in the past – but will say now that it’s a place that I will venture in next time on soi 4.

Like most conversations in soi 4 these days… we chatted about the ‘good old days’. When men were men – and so were the women.  No, that’s not right.   We spoke of how much fun is was in the past, and the atmosphere/buzz that many bars had.

We laughed that every customer in the bar turns into a Bar Manager/ Expert as soon as they’ve had a drink.  I can’t be arsed to tell all the stories I have to go with that – but let me put it this way, unless you’ve had or have a bar, then shut yer face, you just embarrass yourself.

With that on our minds… we decided we’d head to the K&S Bar.  Where?  Exactly.   K&S has to have the shittiest sign in Soi 4.  It’s pathetic.   It looks like a kids school project.   That bar is prime real-estate –opposite Hooters and they have a faded crap little sign which just doesn’t stand out or attract any attention. Oops… I am sounding like one of them wannabe bar managers now…?.

Surely you can do better than that?

Inside K&S – it was pretty much like the sign.  Unappealing.  We had a service girl come and take our order.  Then come back and ask again.  And I think one more time after that.  We had sympathy for her as I think she was not used to use just ordering 1 bottle of the cheapest beer they have during happy hour – which is what most of their customers are probably there for.

Great location – drinks were good, prices were good (I think?) glasses – and not a pushy waitress.  The staff looked like they all had kids – who probably work in Nana.  We had a few drinks and decided to head elsewhere.   K&S was nothing to get excited about – and could be so much better.

Speaking of crap signs,  there used to be another crap little sign for Melody UK Bar.  Those battle hardened soi-4 warriors will know of this bar.   In we popped.

They have a new sign (new name?) but can’t remember what it is.  Same bar inside.

The customers look like they’ve been going there for years – although there was a good mix.  Some of the girls looked to have captured some young guys and were playing pool.

Friendly staff – asked us if we wanted to be included in a game of pool.  Not a bad little bar.. pleasantly surprised.

Can’t remember the name of the little corner bar.  It’s small – and a little quirky.  I like this bar. Drinks were pretty good, no one hassling us and a live singer.  I am not sure if he was a live singer or a mime artist?  As we watched him playing guitar, then stopped to move a cable or tie a shoelace.. or whatever.  Point being, he took his hands of the guitar for at least 30 seconds but the guitar/music never stopped!

Had to laugh. Busted!

From Corner-bar (or whatever it is?) we headed to another crap bar which we would not have thought about going to on a normal day.  Hindenburg, Heisenberg?  Whatever.  You know the one I mean.  It is a pretty big wooden bar inside.  If I had to sum it up in one word… it would be ‘shit’.   It was torture.

Drinks downed and out.

If memory serves me correct – I think we went into Witches on the corner. Not 100% sure about that. It was either called Witches or was full of witches.  All that vodka was taking it’s toll.   I had to step up the drinking pace as Stick drinks beer like it’s free.

By around 11pm, Stick was getting restless and wanted to hit his favourite haunt in Nana.  Some little (gogo?) which we have probably all walked past 100 times and not noticed it.  Second floor – out of the way.  It’s a little bar that has its regulars.   The staff are well fed, not kids and well experienced in making their customers feel like part of the furniture.   Stick was at home and was treated like a Don.

Stickman never gave me a shirt.

Not my cup of tea – but then my fave place isn’t one that many other people are fond of.  We all have our own tastes after all.

I think around 1 am we headed to Butterflies?  Is that the one that looks like a prison?  Lots of cages?  I’ve not been there for a long time.  Pretty good.  Each time I go though, there are not many punters.  Is that because they’ve grabbed a girl and taken her away?

Not a bad line up – I think?   It was at that point Sticks drinking ability had way overtaken mine and I was left worse for wear and needing to get the hell out of dodge.

To some it up, it was good to have a drink with an old hand – who understands the scene.  Someone who is too long in the tooth to be amazed by everything. (not to mention wasn’t scared to put his hand in his pocket!)  For me Soi 4 is not what it used to be.   Just writing this made me realise how much I have gone off the place – as I can’t even remember the names of most of the bars we visited.

Ten years ago, I could name all the bars, the owners, the rent and half of the girls. (the other half were dating Jonas).  Those days, as is my love of soi 4, just a distant memory….




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  1. Daywalker back in his old stomping ground. Lock up your daughter’s …….(or by the sound of it from your observations, your grannies!).

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