My Unlucky Streak…….

I am writing this on the go – as I’ve not had any time to just sit and chill out for a while.

When I left work and arrived in Hua Hin,  I sulked for a week as it pissed down with rain.

I went off to Pattaya for a weekend (with GM) – and it rained.   My return ferry trip to Hua Hin was cancelled a few hours before departure with only 40% refund given (more on that later).

Off to the UK – which had been planned for a while.   I had a lot of things to do with my cars and bikes.    I bought a Lotus Esprit Turbo for my b’day and had a light restoration done on it.   It was time to pick it up.   I also bought a motorcycle which needed collecting from the shop and booked my Harley and Ducati 916 in for a service too.  Lots to do, little time to do it.  I planned, organised and arranged everything down to the specific hour.  Planned for months.

Why did I bother?   The Lotus wasn’t finished.   Won’t be for another week.  The motorcycle wasn’t ready – won’t be for another week.    The Harley shop was closed on the day I took it in and when I called the owner, he informed me he had forgotten and was away for a few days!

The Ducati was given a fresh bill of health and I had a ride planned with a pal.   I even ordered a bright yellow Ducati Leather Jacket to wear so I looked the part.

All was going well for about half an hour – and 1) the fuel cap vibrated lose and covered me in petrol (I only noticed when my balls were stinging) and 2) the poxy thing broke down.  Battery dead and not charging.  So that cost a few bucks to get recovered back to my garage.

The next day my Jacket arrived… 3 days after it should have been.

Nothing.  NOTHING has gone right so far.

You thought I was miserable in Hua Hin?  Well that’s nothing to compared to my misery here in the UK at the moment.

At least the weather is good.

Miss Tim and I have managed to go for a ride on my new KTM for a few hours – and today we’re off to London with the roof down to go drinking along the River Thames.

We’re out of here on Sunday.   I am not looking forward to getting back to Hua Hin, but more so I am looking forward to getting back to work.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you have a better time at work than you do on your time off.

I am putting this all down to one bad month off.  The next one will be better.  I am off to Angeles City in November.   Surely I can find some happiness there?









6 thoughts on “My Unlucky Streak…….”

  1. Sound like everything was against you pal, don’t worry i’m sure the trip to Angeles will put a smile on your face.

    How are those KTM bikes? After swearing id never learn to drive a bike I think I had some sort of midlife crisis at 38 and went and done my direct access course last year 🙂

    Been messing around on a little 300 ninja I got and been looking at those KTM 790’s and I maybe get myself one.

    Anyway I hope all is good mate, not spoke or seen you in years and came across the blog after googling about the old mango, what a place I miss it every time im back in bkk 🙂

    Take it easy


    1. Hi Jay, the KTM 390 is a fantastic little bike. Wish I had one in Thailand. Of all my bikes (I have 10), the KTM is probably the one I use the most.

      I’ve a test ride of the 790 in a few days, but fear it won’t be as easy to chuck around like the 390.

      All the old mango blog stuff was migrated across into this site – somewhere… quite a lot of stuff hidden away in there.

  2. Hi Graham, whatever happened to your M100? We’ve just sold our V8 Esprit and got a Evora 400… check them out perfect next car for you!


    1. Hi Phil, the M100… ahh, the one that I should not have sold. I got rid of that when I moved to Dubai. Wish I’d have kept it. Not sure why I sold it. I guess I got bored with it. When I got to Dubai I bought the 911, XKR and 125i convertible. Great cars to be had out there.

      Back in the UK, I bought myself a new SLC, but wanted a ‘toy’. Who doesn’t love an Esprit?!! Would have loved the V8 Twin Turbo. I just stumbled across the X180 and bought it on a whim. Needing a new interior (fuck me that’s not cheap) and various other mechanical issues now. Wish I had never bought the poxy thing. Still, it’ll be nice when it’s done and I get to drive it (next spring).

      I never looked at the Evora.. maybe I need to. I am fast running out of cars that I want. Already bored with my SLC which is just coming up to 1 year old. If only they made Pug 206’s… then I’d buy a new one of them!! That’s still my fave car!

      1. If your bored of cars what you NEED to do is book a test drive on a Exige Cup 430.

        They aren’t cheap but my god they are fast!

        Saying that a Cup Evora 430 leaves RS Porsche’s for dead… well maybe not for dead but …,

        The Evora is absolutely stunning car even if you purchase a early normally aspirated one they are still great.

        Saying that my everyday summer transport is a Toyota GT86 and that’s another car I recommend.

        Bad decision getting rid of the M100. Great little car and super super reliable!

        Sounds like your having a ball with your cars and bikes. Good on you!

  3. So very unlucky of you getting a restored Espirit. Man I love those things, I’m not too big on the new Lotus’s. I just got a Jag F-pace, but I’ll take the Espirit turbo anyday.

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