I am back… with nothing planned for the month…

I arrived back in Thailand/Hua Hin yesterday after a month away.    Nothing much to report from Iraq.  All good there.

Those nice people at Emirates upgraded me to First Class – so my month off got off to a great start.

At the airport I was not held up by a load of flag waving Chinese people and there were no smelly Indians in the fast-track queue.    I was in the car on the way to HH within 30 mins of touch-down.

Traffic was good for a Friday morning.  We didn’t crash and I didn’t see any crashes.  All good.

Bit of a relaxing afternoon and then headed out into the town. It’s only been a month so I would expect everything to be the same, and it was.   The only difference is the place is packed!   It’s good for the town, the businesses.  Lots of tourists.  Lots of old Scandos.

We sat in a bar and watched the world go by.  Where there are tourists… there are girls.  Only problem is, they are all fat and ugly old girls.  Screaming ‘weeeeeeelcome’.  It’s such a turn off.   Has that ever been attractive?

There is one bar we go to – which we know the owner of,  there is a big fat ugly girl there who insists on chatting up all the men that go in there and tries to get a drink off them.  I have repeatedly told her to naff off – and not gone in that bar if I see her there patrolling the floor.   I told the owner that she needs to be kept in a cage at the back of the bar.  Horrible ugly cow.

So all was going well until that fat cow spoiled my day.   Yes,  I am easy to upset.

After hitting another bar I soon forgot about fatso.

A month of not drinking (apart from the Champagne in 1st Class of course) I was soon pretty drunk and we headed home around 11pm.

Slight hangover this morning but nothing I can’t handle.

Nothing really planned for the month.  On a health drive.    Except for next week – heading to Bangkok to meet up with some of the chaps.

With high-season well and truly underway, I expect the bars to be full of 2-week millionaires and old bastards.   Let’s see if the ‘weeeelcooooome’ screeches are any better in Bangkok.











4 thoughts on “I am back… with nothing planned for the month…”

  1. Graham, dates fixed for when you’ll be in Bangkok? Wouldn’t mind joining you for a drink if the timing works out.

    1. Hi Brian….

      This coming Friday. Kick off… probably in Hooters, watching the afternoon world go by on soi 4

  2. Unfortunately, my boss decided earlier in the week to have me come up to Taiwan for a couple days to check out some problems were having here. Looking forward to a write up of the Soi Nana get together!

    1. Oh well… next time….

      I arrived back in HH yesterday lunchtime.

      Went out last night…. bumped into a couple of old Mango staff… and got in this morning at 04:30.

      I am too old for this…

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