Didn’t take long….

Well, that took all of 2 days before I am wound up and hating the world.  And when I say ‘world’… I mean the idiots in Thailand.

Can I get in trouble for saying Thai people are stupid?  No, not all.. but the ones that race past me on a motorbike with no crash helmet.  Yes you…. you are stupid.

Why should I care right?  Because I think of the people that are affected if some twat without a helmet has a crash.  The person they hit or got hit by will be worse off than if the idiot wore a helmet.  What might have been a fender-bender, could instead be a death. All because fuck-face thought they were too good to wear a helmet.

I like being 1st at the traffic lights.  When some fool in a car behind me is flashing his lights for me to get out of the way.  Even though there is a sign (in Thai) that says you must wait to turn left – these fools still think all Left turns are o.k on a red.

Another thing that annoys me…  when following a pick-up truck,  why is it they slow down to a snails pace when going over a speed ramp?

Anybody that has been to a Thai cinema will know that a D-Max can race up a mounting, saving the water supply to a village whist drinking a bottle of ice-cold Pepsi.

Yet when it comes to a little tiny speed bump… they have to crawl over it.  Dicks.

Unlike Stickman who couldn’t hack it in the real world and had to come back,  I can’t hack it in this world.   I have been putting all my pieces into place.  In a year or so I shall make the move back.  The move back to normality.

Yes, you could say that Farangland is expensive and the politics are mad.  However, in my little world – I don’t worry about all that shite,.  My little world is great.

I shall be in Bangkok to next weekend.  Let’s see if I am overwhelmed with it all as I once was, or if I can’t wait for it to all end?








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