More frustrations….

As I am away for 6 months of the year – Miss Tim has a couple of cats to keep her company.  As much as I try to encourage her to shack up with some Juan or Pedro to help share the shoe bill, she insists the cats are all she needs as company.

But no ordinary cats.  These are Persian. They were not cheap.  They’re not like normal cats.  They don’t like fish.  They don’t like cat food.  They don’t like milk. They don’t like me.

A few times a year their fur coat gets so long – that we take them to the local Groomers to give them a little pampering and a hair cut.    We tell the Groomer – ‘just a little trim’ only to find out that 5 hours later when we come to collect them, they’ve been shaved.

Happy Cats

We were not happy.  Neither were the mogs.

It’s now that time of year where they are hairy.  Too hairy.  So we phoned around Hua Hin for the Pet people – who offer a Grooming service.

The 1st one said the Groomer will not be in until tomorrow – so they will call back and give us a time.

When they called, I told Miss Tim to confirm they cut hair and not just shave.  ‘We shave/clipper’.

Really?  You need a ‘Groomer’ for that?  I can do that myself.

Calling these people ‘Groomers’ is the equivalent of calling a Military head shaver a ‘hair-stylist’.

We called around 3 or four ‘Groomers’ – all claiming to be experts, but only shave.

I tried to explain to Miss Tim that these people are useless fucking idiots. There are proper Groomers – and these people are not.  Typical fucking Thailand.  Selling a service which is not what it should be.

Not a happy cat

I was all  set to drive the little fury bastards to Bangkok when I stumbled across a ‘Dog Groomer’ – which had photos of cats in the window.     In we went and could not have been more pleased.  This place actually had photos of all the cats they had ‘Groomed’.

Perfect.  All booked in for tomorrow.

It ended well, but for the most part of the day I was in a fit of rage at having all these places who claim to be Groomers tell me they just shave the felines.  I wanted to punch them all in the face.

For many people they just say ‘This is Thailand’.  Well for me,  This is Incompetence’ and I am sick of it.

I am now struggling to see what the attraction of Thailand is.   It’s just shit.









2 thoughts on “More frustrations….”

  1. I think you definitely need to get away. Move your base back to the UK and save Thailand for once or twice a year as a tourist.

    1. I shall be doing Dan. But when I go, I doubt I’ll be returning for holidays. There are many other places I think I’d go rather than here.

      Right now, this place is just a convenience for me.

      I need to stop watching the daily news though – as it just makes me angry when seeing all these (innocent) people getting killed by asshole drivers.

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