Safety First….

I could spend all day bitching and moaning about what I see on the roads here each day.   What’s the point.

The drivers/riders on the road are idiots and I would happily argue this with anyone and everyone.  Total fucking idiots.   From carrying babies, to 5 people on the back, on their phones, no helmets and the latest peeve of having no lights.   Really,  how much is a tail light bulb? 50bht?

I was this fool on a bike yesterday.  His jacked said ‘Safety First’ which leads me to believe he works for a Company that that has Western influence and preaches to the employees about safety.  He has probably even had some kind of safety training.

So it makes me shake my head when I see this guy with his ‘safety first’ patch on his back riding along with a hard hat on his head.    Does he think this is a sufficient crash helmet?  Does he think it will stay on his head if he were to crash?  The only thing that hat is protecting him from at the moment – is bird shit landing on his head.

Why do I care so much?  Well, I am thinking of all the other services that have to clear up the mess when these pricks end up under a truck (driven by a drunken idiot).

The ambulances, police, hospitals…  I wonder how much time/money they are spending cleaning up these people who could have prevented the situations by using half their brain?

Now I have that off my chest… I am heading to Bangkok.  It’s raining, so that means traffic will be bad – because people still drive as fast as they can and as close as they can to the car in front.   I am sure I will see many cars that have crashed on the way.  I just hope I am not in one of them.

Hooters here I come…..


One thought on “Safety First….”

  1. I was walking down Thong Lor the other day, past one of the new condo buildings they ar putting up. A couple of guys were standing there – I assume they were maybe riggers. Anyway, they had on the obiligitory hard hat, plus a full body harness, but they were wearing flip flops!!!

    Now, maybe they were on break but somehow, I doubt it. 555

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