Another month done. Time to get back to work (thankfully)

In a few days I shall be heading back to work for another month. Quite looking forward to it.

I’ve pretty much spent the month – relaxing by the pool and cycling around HH and doing little else. I am bored. Sick of this shit.

A round-up of the month…..

My mid-trip to Bangkok was o.k.. but not good enough to make me want to return for another anytime soon. I will visit when I am back from work, but won’t be there for longer than a few days. Too many undesirable people there.

One thing that did stick out to me was how ‘aggressive’ the street beggars were. They didn’t kick-off, but did hold out their plastic cup, give it an angry shake and thrust it in my face, following me as I walked past. They can fuck right off.

But what really wound me up was when I was in Terminal 21. There was some kind of Circus show on the ground floor. Loads of people gathered round to watch. Curiosity got the better of me and I had a look.

I could see performing monkeys. The bastards running the show were getting this poor little monkeys to JUMP THROUGH FLAMING HOOPS. With loads of people watching and cheering. How sick is that?

If I were Dwayne Johnson I would have waded into all of them and shoved them through hoops of fire. Unfortunately I am more likened to Danny Devito – so I just barged past lots of people whilst calling them all a bunch of arseholes.

Back in Hua Hin – I hit the beach and went for a swim in the sea. Beach was clean, water looked clean and no jellyfish so be seen. Then again, I’d rather look at Jelly-fish that some old Scandinavian wearing speedos. Why do they do that? Maybe Jonas can tell us?

4 weeks is enough.

At night – we hit our preferred bars. One of them used to have a Filipino singer who was pretty good. Always drew a good crowd. Unfortunately one of the patrons would get up on the little stage and (attempt to) sing. His wife would obviously clap and cheer. The guy is tone deaf and thinks he is hot shit. That was 2 years ago and last night when I walked into the bar – the old bastard is back here again. After 5 mins – he was on stage knocking out a dreadful noise. Some people just spoil it for everyone else.

The other week – Miss Tim and I bumped into Aum & Yo. Some of you may remember them from the Mango days. Good girls.

We saw them in town – and had a drink. Then another drink.. and so on.

Three hours past our usual staggering home time we ended up in what I can only describe as the secret alley of bars/clubs. Who knew it was there? I’ve been here years and never knew about it. The bars don’t open up until after midnight apparently. Absolutely heaving. Loads of little bars, music pumping and a great atmosphere. If you’re a single bloke… you’d love it!

The secret Alley….

For the 1st time in a long time, we have been out until 4am three times in the last few weeks. I have to remind myself that I am not 21 anymore.

Apart from that, nothing much to report here. Looking forward to getting back to work. I like the thought of speaking to people who have brains. People who understand logic. People who don’t cut me up on roundabouts. People who don’t stand by my table and watch me eat. People who don’t drive their cars along a cycling/jogging path which has a sign saying ‘NO CARS’.


I could go on. I won’t. Getting wound up again.

Better wrap this up now before I get into a rant….

On the plus side.. in January, Frank Bruno is coming to HH to give a little talk. Evening drinks n stuff. I am a boxing fan so should be interesting.

I wonder if he’ll get pissed at all the Thai’s calling him Flank Bluno?

Flank in town.

8 thoughts on “Another month done. Time to get back to work (thankfully)”

  1. Hey G. looks like I missed you again this time. So you’re happy to go back.
    Sounds like you have really had a gut full here in the Land of Whatever Can Go Wrong Will.
    LOL Rock on anyway.
    Frank and the one from last night.:-)

    1. Hi Flank! Yep.. had enough. The other night, I went into a bar called ‘Panama’ in HH. It was late but the girls outside still ushered us in off the street. We ordered a drink and had to pay for it straight away (which is fine)… the moment they got our money they said the bar is now closed and we had to leave?!!!

      That’s another bar on my ‘never go there again’ list.

      Useless twats. Of course I could have argued with someone. But that’s like teaching a dog how to strip a gearbox.

  2. I think a dog stripping a gear box would be more efficient. 🙂
    Having said that, had quite a fun night in Nana though. Quite busy.
    In Suphan Buri now….relaxing. I think….
    Rock on.

  3. Flank in HH, that seems a bit random, know what I mean Hawwy? By the way, just for your information, new law I hear, breaking news…men in speedos on a beach is an instant baseball bat offence…all legal and above board. Finally, a good law.

    1. What I don’t get… is why the sweaty speedo wearing blokes tend to stand at the shoreline and stare back at the beach… showing of their little bulging budgies?

  4. What I don’t get is men wearing tiny beachwear at all (dicks). On the other hand girls wearing thongs is quite ok with me…not that I notice, I live in Nana Plaza……
    Rock on….Frank and HCC.

  5. Flank Bluno, 40 wins and 38 by knockout, respect that. I’d pay to hear Anthony Joshua, he seem’s a real character…and can box.

    1. Years ago (about 20) … Big Flank was at some sort of festival thingy – taking questions in an arena. My pal was picked to ask a question and he said “Frank, I didn’t get to see your last fight but heard and read about it being a great knock-out. Tell me, how is your wife now”?

      Flank didn’t laugh.

      The next day the local rag had a head line of “cheeky wag floors Bruno”

      My pal had to have it on his toes sharpish as several of Flanks goons were looking for him.

      Good ole days!

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