Happy New Year!

Another year done…  looking forward to the next.. blah blah blah….  who gives a rats?

For me, every year is the same.  I’ve not had a bad year since 1991 when I crashed my moped.  Stupid diesel on the road.

The reason that springs to mind is because last night my year was almost ruined as I nearly crashed my little scooter.

Riding a long there was a bike in front.  Two people, no helmets and no lights.  As we approached an intersection there was a Police stop-check and this asshole on a bike infront slammed his brakes on and performed an immediate U-Turn right infront of me.  I managed to slam my brakes on in  time and avoided him – multi-tasking as I called him every name under the sun and blasted my horn at them. Assholes.  I would have love to have given chase and punched their fucking lights out.

A constant reminder of how dangerous the roads are here, and how much the people are fucking idiots.

So yeah,  2019 I will start my plan on heading back to the UK.  I’ve been stock-piling cars, motorbikes and big warm coats.  I live in a pretty cool place where I live in the City – so am looking forward to spending time in a place I bought 10 years ago – but have spent less than a year in.   Time to move.

For all you people looking to come to Thailand wanting to live the dream…  remember,  sooner or later you’ll wake up from your dream.

Hopefully tonight will be the last NYE I have in Thailand.  At least the last time I have a NYE here where I go home after and not back to a hotel.  I am sure I’ll come back for holidays. Maybe.

Hitting the town tonight.  Usual places.. usual people.   I’ve been home only a few days and am already struggling to think of things to keep myself entertained.

Bangkok and Pattaya next week me thinks….

Happy New Year!!








Next year for me – I am thinking will be my last year in Thailand.  I am finding in increasingly more difficult to enjoy myself here these days.





Home again… Christmas is all over.

I have just left work for the next 4 weeks. Can’t say it was very ‘festive’ at work – but that was down to me being a miserable bastard. Our Iraqi colleagues made a great effort in making things festive for us.

All the expats brought in ‘stuff’ for Christmas and laid it out on the Conference room table for us all to gather round in the afternoon. Obviously there was no one coordinating this – as we ended up with about 30 blocks of cheese, 20 Chorizo sausages and some crackers. Still… it’s the thought that counts.

When you’re at home – tv or Christmas music on, a glass of sherry in hand, stupid hat on etc… it’s an easy time, standing around chatting to friends/family.. but when you’re at work, grabbing a chunk of cheese and a glob of chutney whilst talking about Technical Bid Evaluations is about as good as it’s going to get. Still, there is always next year.

But don’t go feeling sorry for me too much. It’s not like I do this for free. I may have missed Christmas – but will not miss buying myself a Christmas Present. I just need to figure out where I am going to park it.

The plane ride home was o.k.. via Doha this time. The airport lounge is pretty good and not busy. Just like every other airport lounge, the food is crap.

On board, there is no longer a 1st-Class. I guess they realized it’s a waste of cash as who in their right mind would pay for that? Most people in 1st are there because they have to use up some airmiles or they got a free upgrade as the cheap seats were full and people got bumped up to Business and Business got bumped upto First.

Flights at the moment are pretty expensive. Which is probably why the plane was empty? I am sure there were still the half million Chinese at the back of the plane – one of them carrying a flag.

Just how I like it….

When we landed – the airport was empty. From leaving the plane to being in the car driving home was no more than 15 mins! Amazing. I didn’t even bother with the Premium Immigration as the one person who works there was not going to get through as many as the 10 immigration officials in the normal line. – Which was empty.

Only took 2.5 hours to get from the Airport to Hua Hin this morning. Home by 06:30 – no traffic.

So far so good. A lazy day to relax – and then head out tonight on the lash with Miss Tim.

Of course… my trips always start off well. Then go down hill fast. So this might be the happiest post you see here for the next month.

Fingers crossed.

Christmas is coming….

Tis the season to be jolly tra-la-la-la….la-la-la-laaaaa

That’s enough of that festive nonsense. This year I shall be working. A few days after Christmas I will be going on leave for a month. Where to go?

Usually I prefer to spend the Christmas period in the UK. I like the cold, dark Christmassy atmosphere. However, as I’ll be in the middle-east for that, there is no point going to the UK after its all just finished.

New Year in the UK is a nightmare. It’s cold. Damn cold. Which is o.k – except in bars (if you can get in) they are packed and really hot. Leaving you to dump your nice coat on the back of a chair and hope that some oik doesn’t steal it.

No, the UK on New Years Eve is not that much fun (when you’re old like me)

Lots of my pals are all married with kids – so there will be a number of House parties to choose from. However, all the people in attendance are the wrong side of 40, talk about bloody kids and bore me senseless. All the women talk to me about how all Thai girls are boys and that it’s time I settle down, get married and have kids. All the blokes want to know if I have ever been with a Lady boy and what was it like?
(for the record – I have not and never will go with an LB as I am not gay)

So what shall I do? Well, all my UK friends are no longer my kind of people.

I guess I’ll just head back to Thailand and try to avoid the Christmas Speedos on the beach.

I’ve a small circle of friends in HH which I like spending time with.

Most of the people in Bangkok I used to knock around with have long since gone after I pointed out hat maybe once in a while they should get a round of drinks in instead of leaching off me. That separated the men from the wasters.

There is also a group of people in Bangkok that I don’t want to be near – incase someone gets hurt – and I don’t mean me. They may be taller and older than me – but I still get the urge to punch them in the face if ever I see them again.

Worst case scenario is I get arrested, have to fork out a few bucks and have my picture taken of me pointing at their broken nose.

– totally worth it.

But no – it’s back to Hua Hin, stay out of trouble and try to find some of the festive cheer that maybe still lingering around.

That’s one thing we can count on in Thailand – is the Thai’s leave all the Christmas decorations up until Easter.

Christmas? Poke it.