Christmas is coming….

Tis the season to be jolly tra-la-la-la….la-la-la-laaaaa

That’s enough of that festive nonsense. This year I shall be working. A few days after Christmas I will be going on leave for a month. Where to go?

Usually I prefer to spend the Christmas period in the UK. I like the cold, dark Christmassy atmosphere. However, as I’ll be in the middle-east for that, there is no point going to the UK after its all just finished.

New Year in the UK is a nightmare. It’s cold. Damn cold. Which is o.k – except in bars (if you can get in) they are packed and really hot. Leaving you to dump your nice coat on the back of a chair and hope that some oik doesn’t steal it.

No, the UK on New Years Eve is not that much fun (when you’re old like me)

Lots of my pals are all married with kids – so there will be a number of House parties to choose from. However, all the people in attendance are the wrong side of 40, talk about bloody kids and bore me senseless. All the women talk to me about how all Thai girls are boys and that it’s time I settle down, get married and have kids. All the blokes want to know if I have ever been with a Lady boy and what was it like?
(for the record – I have not and never will go with an LB as I am not gay)

So what shall I do? Well, all my UK friends are no longer my kind of people.

I guess I’ll just head back to Thailand and try to avoid the Christmas Speedos on the beach.

I’ve a small circle of friends in HH which I like spending time with.

Most of the people in Bangkok I used to knock around with have long since gone after I pointed out hat maybe once in a while they should get a round of drinks in instead of leaching off me. That separated the men from the wasters.

There is also a group of people in Bangkok that I don’t want to be near – incase someone gets hurt – and I don’t mean me. They may be taller and older than me – but I still get the urge to punch them in the face if ever I see them again.

Worst case scenario is I get arrested, have to fork out a few bucks and have my picture taken of me pointing at their broken nose.

– totally worth it.

But no – it’s back to Hua Hin, stay out of trouble and try to find some of the festive cheer that maybe still lingering around.

That’s one thing we can count on in Thailand – is the Thai’s leave all the Christmas decorations up until Easter.

Christmas? Poke it.

5 thoughts on “Christmas is coming….”

  1. There is a lot of expats in Thailand that haven’t got two pennies to rub together. As I’ve said before I’ve nothing against people on a budget but I dislike people on the mooch. Probably better Graham to stick to night out with the tourists. Anyway have a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you are.

  2. Hey G, long time no see.
    I’m back in Oz now after 10 months in Pig Pen (Phnom Pehn) and missing SEA again… it’s like that when you get home. Few mates are heading for 10 days to Pataya after Xmass and I’ll take a pass on that one, my liver cant keep up with younger folk nowadays and flights are 3x more over this period. Maybe Feb 2019 I’ll head back for another 6 month sabbatical and try and catch up with you again…my shout. Take care and all the best to everyone from Mango days.
    Xmass…bah humbug.

    1. Rainman… good to hear that you are alive and kicking!

      Do give me a shout when you’re next back. Always a pleasure to hang out with decent honest folk. I looked a flights back to the UK for mid-Jan – crazy prizes. I shall not bother.

      Already trying to fill my January diary. Pattaya, Bangkok, Dubai and of course… trawling all the drinking holes of HH.

      1. I will be in HH from 28th Dec to 1st Jan maybe see you for a beer! We can talk about the advantages of lightweight road cars!

        1. Sounds like a good idea to me!

          I’ll be in HH on the 28th…. Hitting the town that night. I’ll drop you a note with my number..

          Now, about them TVR’s…….

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