Happy New Year!

Another year done…  looking forward to the next.. blah blah blah….  who gives a rats?

For me, every year is the same.  I’ve not had a bad year since 1991 when I crashed my moped.  Stupid diesel on the road.

The reason that springs to mind is because last night my year was almost ruined as I nearly crashed my little scooter.

Riding a long there was a bike in front.  Two people, no helmets and no lights.  As we approached an intersection there was a Police stop-check and this asshole on a bike infront slammed his brakes on and performed an immediate U-Turn right infront of me.  I managed to slam my brakes on in  time and avoided him – multi-tasking as I called him every name under the sun and blasted my horn at them. Assholes.  I would have love to have given chase and punched their fucking lights out.

A constant reminder of how dangerous the roads are here, and how much the people are fucking idiots.

So yeah,  2019 I will start my plan on heading back to the UK.  I’ve been stock-piling cars, motorbikes and big warm coats.  I live in a pretty cool place where I live in the City – so am looking forward to spending time in a place I bought 10 years ago – but have spent less than a year in.   Time to move.

For all you people looking to come to Thailand wanting to live the dream…  remember,  sooner or later you’ll wake up from your dream.

Hopefully tonight will be the last NYE I have in Thailand.  At least the last time I have a NYE here where I go home after and not back to a hotel.  I am sure I’ll come back for holidays. Maybe.

Hitting the town tonight.  Usual places.. usual people.   I’ve been home only a few days and am already struggling to think of things to keep myself entertained.

Bangkok and Pattaya next week me thinks….

Happy New Year!!








Next year for me – I am thinking will be my last year in Thailand.  I am finding in increasingly more difficult to enjoy myself here these days.





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