This year so far….

So what’s pissing me off so far this year?

1 week in – and I am already in a fit of rage this week….

  1. Twat Thai fools on motorcycles with no lights (at night).
  2. Twat Thai fools in cars or on bikes who stop on roundabouts?!
  3. Waiters/Waitresses who take my plate away immediately after I have put my knife and fork down. (fine when if i am dining on my own)
  4. Having my Appetizer served 20 mins AFTER the main course.
  5. Getting told off by Miss Tim for complaining all the time…

Had to laugh this week… as I walked through Hua Hin high street the other night, some Indian Tailor called out to me… this is how the conversation went

Annoying Indian Tailor:   “Hey my Brother…  good suit, top quality…. how are you”?

Me: “Poke your crap clothes up your arse”

Miss Tim:  “Why do you have to be so nasty.  Just walk away and ignore them, no need to be nasty”

Me: (with an innocent look on my face) “Ignore him?  That would be rude to ignore him… after all, he is my Brother “.

“Why am I here”?  Is a question I get asked a fair bit.  It’s a good question and one I ask myself a lot.   Fact is,  I am too lazy to do anything about it right now – and to be honest, no matter where I go – I am sure it’ll have it’s fair share of assholes there too.

This week I am going to look at clearing out my wardrobes of all the clothes that I have never worn,  books that I have never read and DVD’s that I have never watched.  I seem to have accumulated a lot of crap over the last 15 years – so want to have a tidy up so I can just walk (run) away with just a couple of suitcases when I do bugger off.

Will need to figure out what to do with them bloody cats also.

Why should I care?

Meanwhile in Hua HIn.. weather has been crap.  I was heading to Pattaya but the weather there is crap too.

I’ll do Pattaya next week.  This week we’ll head to Bangkok. Wednesday to Saturday me thinks.   Hotels?  Looking online,  I see a list of hotels which can all be filtered/sorted by Price, Stars, Popularity etc… I can’t see any filters showing ‘number of Chinese and Indians’..   Now that WOULD be a useful tool.   Landmark Hotel it is then….

Carry on…..



3 thoughts on “This year so far….”

  1. Tourists usually only see the good things about thailand (or any country they’re visiting). Long term expats will see the place for what it really is.

    The Queen thinks the world smells of fresh paint and all traffic Police think all cars dip at the front.

    Rule of thumb.. live in the place you want to and visit the places you don’t want to live.

  2. You need one of those old school buzzers you hold in your palm for a firm bro-down Indian handshake. haha

  3. Tailors – I’ve said this before and people probably don’t believe me, but when in Thailand…….I really do sometimes carry a few folded A4 sheets in my back pocket if I know I’m going to walk past a row of tailor shops – lets say a late morning visit to Kiwi pub on Sukhumvit Soi 8, or past the covered tailor shops at the bottom of Pattaya’s Soi Diana.
    “Hey brother, great to see you, I make good price and nice suit for you, come inside”.
    Out come the folded sheets. A couple show photos of Borat in skimpy shorts (bulge visible). One shows a feral British youth in an outsized, Burberry-patterned romper suit. The last, if I’m in a particularly mischievous mood, is a photo of a West-coast hippy crossing a street. He’s wearing Converse baseball boots and a tight, long-sleeved, frayed pink leotard (bulge visible).

    “You can make for me like this?” I enquire. Any of the above options sees them beat a hasty retreat.

    On the way back, I reach into pocket again and pull out the photos, sending them cowering back towards their shops.

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