Little update…. nothing much going on….

Doesn’t time fly? It’s been a little while since I gave a little update…. So what’s going?

Well, it’s almost a year since I moved into my current house. Time to move again. The original plan was that this house was to be the last house I rented in Thailand before moving back to the UK. But plans change.

I have decided to give it another year (or so). That being the case, I need to move to another house as I don’t like the one I am in.

I found one online, contacted the agent and asked for details. I should have known that the house I was interested was not available – however, one a little bit more expensive is… that’s how they get you.

Every bloody year the same thing. This is why I have Miss Tim deal with them as I am liable to offend people.

The other house offered to us was pretty nice. Brand new, nice pool, good price. Very nice… take my money. Hang on, not so fast.

The house looked great in the picture. See for yourself. But what the photo doesn’t show is that it’s the only house on the site. The building site. It doesn’t show the make-shift hut which all the Construction workers live in and it certainly doesn’t show the ‘dirt track’ which they are passing off as a road.

Lying bastards…..

Why oh why do Real Estate Agents never give the full story? Do they not realize that NO ONE will want the property when they see it? It’s different if they declared all that – and then someone went to see it. They would have all the info and still interested. Sorry.. but if you are a Thai Real Estate Agent.. then you are a thick twat.

I’ve a few to look at in a few weeks. The main criteria is I need high walls so my mad cats don’t escape. Then again, that might be better than the little bastards ripping my sofas to shreds.

Moving on…..

Currently I am in the UK. The weather is fantastic. I came back to sort some cars and bikes out. Each year I have to turn the wheels, start them up and wipe the cobwebs off them. One day, I’ll get to drive and ride them.

Noting much else going on… except a bit of a session next week. I’ve called up my peoples and Jonas is hopping on a plane to join in for the weekend. Should be a good one. Watch this space.

Speaking of Jonas, we are currently in talks about my Route 66 trip. I explained to my pals that riding on a bike for 3 weeks – means we’re going to have to pack all our shit in saddlebags and wear the same pair of pants for weeks. Not really something I am excited about. So…… we’re thinking Jonas following in a pick-up truck might be just what we need.

Another 10 days in the (sunny) UK until heading back to Hua Hin. Stopping by Bangkok for a night – maybe.

I think a trip to Pattaya is on the cards in a few weeks time….

2 thoughts on “Little update…. nothing much going on….”

  1. “I think a trip to Pattaya is on the cards in a few weeks time….”
    Good stuff Graham. I’m starting a crowd funding page for the next 2 day Soi 6 bar crawl.

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