Bored in Thailand.

Updates have been pretty thin on the ground lately – as there is nothing to update on.   What can I whinge about that I have not already whinged about?

Driving – still sucks arse.  Thai’s still can’t drive for shit, nothing new there.

Service – is still shit.   Drinks are still messed up and food never arrives when it should.

Real Estate – still a load of shit.  Websites still advertising houses which are not available and offering you houses you have no interest in.

Ex-Pats – still a bunch of freeloading wasters full of shit.

… I think you get the message.  I have not changed my mind on Thailand.     I thought a break from the Land of fake Smiles would do me good so I went to the UK for a few weeks – and had a great time.

I drove on good roads, I didn’t nearly die when on my motorbike.   I got good service in restaurants and  not once was I given the wrong drink or asked repeatedly what I wanted to drink.   It was a good time.

But no one wants to hear about that.  No one is interested in my recent purchase of my Aprilia RS250, or the new gearbox in my Esprit Turbo.

My interests have changed (slightly).   I used to look forward to coming to Thailand.  To going out, hitting the bars and restaurants.  Meeting up with the people here and chatting with the girls.

Can’t say I feel like this anymore.  I now look forward to going anywhere else.  Dubai, UK and even Iraq are more interesting for me now.

And as I said, no one is interested in that.    So I feel the time has come to hang up my gloves and give up trying to think of things to report on.  There is only so many ways I can say I am bored with Thailand.   Plus, my web-hoster I.T nerd seems to be having problems with his Servers and every few weeks I get emails from people saying the site is down.  Really, I can’t be arsed with this anymore.

I am working on my eventual move from Thailand.  But to where?  I could move to the UK – which is going to happen eventually, but maybe somewhere else is on the cards before that?

Today I am heading to Bangkok for a few days.  I am hoping to bump into some old faces.  Old faces that I am not exactly fond of.  Some old faces that deserve a slap.

Who knows,  maybe I’ll find a new lease of life this week?  Doubt it…

So I’ll just think about the final few posts…. maybe I’ll do a ‘tell-tale’ on all the old goings on?  Maybe not.



6 thoughts on “Bored in Thailand.”

  1. It does sound as though you have come to the end of road as far as Thailand and The Blog is concerned. I for one will miss the rants. As for me I’ve now unofficially retired (unofficial in that I’m a few months short of my 60th and that’s when the money kicks in) and I’ve given up work. I’ve now hung up my work boots, my football boots and my running and dancing shoes. So only walking/staggering left. I’ve got a decision to make regards where and how i spend my retirement although I think I’ve got a plan. Maybe see you in August or September if you are still around.

      1. Cheers G. Retirement is not for everyone as some people like working. Some actually like their profession or just the interaction with the people at work. I’m not that person.I’m feeling great and looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

  2. Life’s changing.
    In the past everything was better. Current time is boring and tomorrow we will change everything.
    Life. Die. Repeat.

    I would miss your blog, but I could understand if within the change process, the blog might beade redundant.

    Take care.

  3. Just had a couple of nights out on Soi 4.

    Good time was had…. so expect a new rant to follow shortly!

  4. Damn Graham,

    I live vicariously though your Thailand rants – I’ll miss them (like I miss the Mango) for sure between my annual trips to BKK. I hope that wherever you land, you’ll keep ranting about the miscellaneous stuff! 🙂

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