Amazed in Thailand…… BOOZE BAR

This will come as a bit of a shock to some, but today is a happy day.

Last night we walked into ‘Booze Bar’ in Hua Hin for a drink.  We’d not been there since April.

Booze Bar is a nice little bar on our rounds.  When out for the night, we stop by for a couple or more drinks.  They remember us and what we drink.

As soon as we sat down, the Cashier/Manager lady came over to us and apologized – for making a mistake on our last bill.  She had the (old) receipt and showed us.    Apparently there was another bill added to ours by mistake.

She handed over 400bht!

We made them double check as we had no idea.   Looked through the receipts and the drinks one of the bills were our, and the other was totally different.   However, we had no idea.

A good lesson to check your bill?   Am I mad they got it wrong, or am I happy they put it right?  I personally am impressed they kept this aside and waited for us to return.

Many people don’t understand the time and effort involved in running a bar.  Yes, there are a lot of people out there who think they know everything about the bar business, but until you’ve done it yourself, you’ll never know the reality.

Just so happened that Tuesdays (and other nights) are ‘Ladies Nights’ – where women drink for free!  Again, it’s not often you hear of those deals?!

Not sure about ‘Sataurday’ night?

I was with 3 girls, so thought it not fair for me to be the only paying customer.  The girls opted for the drinks they wanted rather than claiming the free drinks, which I was happy about.

Regardless of what you may think of the booze on offer.. it’s free. Who else does that?

The reality is, I could have gone into Booze Bar with 3 girls.. had 2 or 3 drinks each, and still come out with more money than I went in with!

Booze Bar is certainly a bar I shall continue to drink in – and recommend to all visitors.

Now, it’s not often you’ll hear me saying something nice about somewhere!





The Pursuit of Happiness…..

Having recently gone through the process of applying for a U.S Visa – I found myself having to list all the Countries I have visited in the last 5 years.  As I cast my mind back, I couldn’t help but surmise the place up in a word or two.

Kicking off in no particular order…

Spain – Shit.   France – Shit.  Netherlands – Shit.  Germany – Shit. South Africa – Shit.  Vietnam – Shit.  Laos – Shit. Philippines – Shit. UAE – Shit.  India – Really shit.   There are a couple of Middle Eastern Countries to go on that list.. but I’ll leave those off.

A pal of mine recently said to me that maybe… just maybe it’s me is the problem?  I don’t quite know what he means?

I am currently sitting in Bangkok airport in the Emirates lounge.  I am not happy.  No happy at all.  The reason for this is I’ve just my tiny powerbank confiscated.  The same powerbank that I have carried with me more than 100 times through this airport.   They can’t determine the power size which means it’s not allowed.  The thing is small.  Very small.    Obviously not as small as the girls brain who nabbed it.

No point in trying to explain to them to look it up on the internet to find a datasheet.

Just another thing to add to my ever growing list of bad experiences in this (and every other) Country.

I’ve been in Thailand less than a week and can’t wait to leave.     I arrived last Friday and stayed in Bangkok for a few days to show a work colleague and his kid some sites at the weekend.   A bit of culture that I had heard about.

After the touristy stuff was done, I headed to soi 4 & cowboy to meet up with the lads.   It had been a while – so thought it would be really exciting and all the women beautiful.   I was wrong.

I had to drink my body-weight in Vodka before I could get in the swing of things.  And when I did, I ended up fuming – again.

Ignoring all the bloody lady drink glasses I keep getting served,  we ended up in Twister upstairs in Nana.

I was half past drunk and some bint on stage made an effort to interact with me.  I like a bit of banter, instead of the usual hanging onto a pole.  So I slipped her a brown sheet for tip.   She got excited and came down from the pole.    She asked for a drink.  O.k I tell her.    Small chit-chat for a few mins.  Where you come flom? What’s your name.. the usual.    The drink was slammed in one.. so the service girl on standby prompted me for another.  Go on then.   Service girl also asked for one.    No. Fuck off.

The girl talking to me then had her two drinks delivered.  Tequila & Coke.  Not sure how much that costs, but I am sure it’s way more than the shite vodka and syrup cola I have been served in a lady drink tumbler.

Then… another girl appeared with a tray of potato type snacks on little trays.  She looked like she should be serving in a Cinema or fairground.     I wasn’t interested.   The girl with me however grabbed a couple of trays and then another girl on the stage started chowing down on them.   I was then asked to handover the 100bht to pay for it.  I argued that I had not asked for them, didn’t want them and maybe they should ask the girl on stage who has a gob full to pay?  I was not impressed.

I didn’t want to embarrass my pal who has ‘friends’ there so did only what I could.  I voted with my feet.  Check-bin the fuck out of there.

I made sure I pocketed all the change and was just about to storm out when the girl with me asked me for a tip?!!  She’d had 1000 out of me.  3 or 4 drinks and 2 trays of crap all inside 5 mins.  And now she wanted a tip.     I told her I had to go to the ATM – as I wanted to barfine her and needed a stack of cash.  I’d be back shortly…    cow.

That’s another bar on my long list of bars never to return to.

Back to Hua Hin.  It’s quiet.  Really quiet.  Good. No people to piss me off.     It’s rainy season so there is nothing to do in the daytime.   In the evenings we headed out to catch up with some people we know.  One night out of the 5 was a good night.  I don’t like them odds.

I am glad to be heading out of Thailand.    Off to Dubai where it is roasting hot.   I’ll spend the next week relaxing in a nice hotel.  Hooking up with pals and work colleagues.   Do a bit of shopping and hangout at the pool.   Of course, that all sounds well and good, but I am sure in the next week I’ll be bitching and moaning about something.

I really need to find something that gives me happiness.