Miserable weather/time in Thailand

I am not a fan of the rain in Thailand.  Apart from hitting the ATV park.. there is nothing much to do.  And no matter how much it sounds like a good idea, I just cant sit in a bar all day.

The plan was to pop over to Manila for a week or so, but as GM was in Thailand for a few weeks, that idea was out of the window.

So what’s been happening?  I’ll give you a brief update of what’s been going on…


Met up with GM for a few nights.  Stayed at the Die-Nasty Grande Hotel on soi 6.   Nothing special. Clean, cheap and great location.  I have been staying at the Citrus Suites next door fairly recently, but am fed up of all the Chinese getting under my feet.  I am also not impressed with the ‘egg-station’ being outside the restaurant.  I think there is something not quite right about having to walk from the Restaurant, through the lobby to the front bar (and back) to get your scrambled eggs?

Soi 4 is still a dump.  Mostly Middle-Eastern groups of blokes now.   Talking of which, what is the problem with 1) washing or 2) using deodorant?   Seriously..  if I can smell them from 6 feet away, what must it be like for the poor girl who’s face they’ll be sitting on later?

Walking along soi 4, behind a middle-eastern chap and a street walker, I could hear him say ‘1100, no more’.   She looked quite normal.  She did reply ‘you promise to pay’.   No word of a lie.  And yes, he stunk.

Waaaaaay down soi 4,  just past a Hillary Bar, there is an Iranian Lady plying her trade.  As I walked along the path, there was a Middle-Eastern chap talking ‘not-so-nice’ to her.  I stopped infront of him (he was blocking the path) and gave him a look that made him wish he had all his pals behind him.  The Lady very politely and gently said (to me)  ‘sorry my dear, and moved him out the way to let me pass’.  He then carried on ranting.  I stopped for a moment, wanting him to kick off at me but he just walked off.  I was drunk I admit.  But was still up for ruck.   Next time.

Note to all – if ordering Breaded Fish n Chips from Hanrahans/Fitzgeralds – make sure they understand what BREADED means.  Twice we have ordered BREADED fish and twice we have received a fish that has been battered more times than a retired ladyboy’s arsehole.   When this was mentioned to the Waitress, she just shrugged her shoulders and told us to speak to someone else?!!

I have lost count of the times I have gone to ‘Have a Zeed’ in T21, only to find people (Chinese) queuing out the door.   I can only assume ‘Have a Zeed’ is on some Chinese tourist website.  Amazing.  The food is good, but not good enough to have me stand in line with 30 chinese tourists.

The bars of soi 4 are getting a bit tedious these days.  I remember the days where we’d be deciding which bars to visit 1st,  now, we sit scratching our heads, wondering where to go.

At one point we ended up in Hillary 2.  They had a Live Band on.  Sorry,  but watching / listening to a bunch of Thai guys murder every Bruno Mars song is just not my cup of tea.  Neither is watching a bunch of drunken Farrangs all sign up for Pool, thinking 1) they are the greatest pool players on earth and 2) girls are impressed with their pool skills?. Dicks.

Into the Plaza…    we paid a visit to Pretty Lady or whatever it’s now called.   One drink and then ran away.  Ugly old hogs.   Mental note made to never return there again.

There were other bars… which names elude me right now, but they’re all pretty much the same.  I find these trawls pointless these days.  If you want to see some hot girls – then just go straight to Bill Board.  Are they more expensive?   I don’t know, but think of the money you’ll save, by not having to buy a drink (and leave half) in all the bars which are just safe houses for monsters.

You could say I was not too impressed with my short visit.  I know, unlike me right?

Back to Hua Hin.

A new restaurant has recently opened up. Complete new build on the main road, beach side between Market Village and Bluport.   Siam Restaurant.   Nicely done out.    Some friends and I visited for the 1st time last week.    The 1st (and last) visit.

Inside it was brightly lit up.  Too bright.  Like a hospital. Remember, bright lights kill atmosphere.   Not that there was much atmosphere to be lost.   For some bazaar reason they were showing the Cricket on the big screen.  With commentary.   Sorry, but I am sure the other group (with kids) were not interested in India V’s Pakistan playing cricket.    It’s not a sports bar, it’s a restaurant.

Half way through our appetizers the service lady came over and asked if we’d like our main courses now.   Erm.. no thanks, we’re still chowing down on these spring rolls and bruschetta’s.

5 mins later, our plates were empty so were taken away and our main course promptly served.  Steaks!  Steaks look good.  Tasted good too.  However, they were just warm.  Not hot.   These leads me to believe they had been sitting on the kitchen counter for the last 10mins cooling down.  Not impressed.

There was a farrang manager/owner sitting in the corner talking with a pal/Thai business partner.  I was hoping he’d come over and say hello (the place has only been open a week).  I could have told him about the lighting, lack of background music and food temperature but he never came over.

Another pet hate of mine is that as soon as I had put the last bit of food in my mouth, they lady came and took my plate away.  I’d not even finished chewing.  I hate that.  Of course, the others at the table had not finished – and any chance of me relocating food from their plates to mine had gone out the window.

So that’s another restaurant never to return to.

Hitting the bars… well, it’s rainy season, so that always puts a dampener on things.  One of the bars on our ‘circuit’ is Murphys.   We like the food.  Not much else is good about it.   Music is crap, service was so-so and there is no aircon on in the daytime.    However, the past few month’s things have improved.  The staff are better, there are more customers and on Tuesday nights they have an acoustic band!   They used to have a band most nights, but not sure what happened to that?   The Acoustic band is just a bloke and a girl.  Pretty good.  Worth a visit on a Tuesday night for sure.

Along the road into our little friends bar.. ‘DEEP’..  after a good few hours of drinking, we noticed a table of Chinese folk.  Two guys and a girl.   Everyone enjoying the evening… they raised some glasses to us.. we did the same.. ‘cheers’ and all that.  They then sent us drinks.  We returned the gesture.  Then more drinks were bought for me and the Chinese dude came over to try and communicate with me… hugging me and taking selfies with me….  Now, I know I am a handsome man, I hear the girls in the bars telling me all the time.. but never attracted any Chinese men before.   The more drunk and happy he became, the more he wanted to hug me.    It reached the point where he said he wanted sexual relations with me.  That was my cue to leave (not with him).   I paid my bill and left via the back door.  That was the only back door action that was happening with me that’s for sure.

Nothing much else happening in HH at the moment.  It’s pretty quiet due to all the miserable bloody weather.

Last night was no different.  Thought I’d hit the town but it was raining. Shite.  We darted into ‘Green Onion’ – a little BBQ rib place we like.  It’s under new management and the new owner is struggling to find decent Beef in HH.  I did tell him to find a decent on in Bangkok (there must be one?) and get it delivered.  He is losing a lot of custom (me) by not having the Brisket he is showing on the menu.

Anyway, with no Brisket on offer, we had the pulled pork and a half rack of ribs.  Nice  Very nice indeed.  If you like your BBQ / Ribs stuff and are in HH, give it a look.

Pig Ribs

Saturday night is going to be the last blow out session for me for the next month.  Back to work next week (thankfully).    Off to Dubai for a few days first for a bit of sun.

But tonight is Friday night… hmm…  might have to check out soi 80.  It’s been a number of years since I ventured that way.  If the rain holds out.. I’ll do a bit of research.

To sum up my last month in Thailand?  Well, I would have had more fun in the UK that’s for sure.  Next month I think I will head there instead of here.

2 thoughts on “Miserable weather/time in Thailand”

  1. Hi mate, It,s been a while between drinks! Good to read you are still as cheerful as ever…lol..I am in Suphan Buri staying with the missus. Same one you met. Weather same same. All good with me.
    I buy good Australian steak in Robinson’s here which I cook myself at home. Won’t let the missus near it. She would cook it so it turns into a shoe sole.
    I have lost all interest in Nana…lower Suk is full of ass holes as you described.
    These days, when I fly in, I only stay 1 night in Bkk, then get the fuck out.
    Rock on…

  2. Graham, would it kill you to use an apostrophe? As in:
    “battered more times than a retired ladyboy’S arsehole”

    We have standards to maintain here, unlike Soi 4

    Those pork ribs look amazing

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